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  1. Kicking things off this week with some shots of hungry visitors to my feeder. We had an April Fool's snowfall of about 2 inches. Shot hand-held with the 200mm DA* on my K-7
  2. His mate
  3. Geez, not this guy again
  4. I'll play...supposed to be back where these photos were taken this weekend, but decided I had to do taxes one of these two weekends. It's Saturday night, no taxes have been started, things are looking bleak! Ironically, instead of doing taxes, I ventured into making K9 Power Bars from scratch. Talk about avoiding something!
    Samsung EX1, ISO 80. Single exposure, RAW.
    Samsung EX1, ISO 800.
    The third shot I didn't take, but it's the only Pentax shot of the 3. It's from my old ist D. My friends wife knocked the camera off the table, a huge (1.5cm x 1.5cm) chunk of plastic is missing by the shutter. The camera just keeps going. Anyway, for me it was an integral shot to the trip report and I was glad he sent me the images to process! As far as the camera, Pentax does make killer cameras. The D was a seriously well built camera that has been well used!
    Pentax ist D, ISO 200, Samyang 28mm f/2.8 @ 3.5.
    Full trip report, much better written (or shall we say actually proofread) than the Presidential trip report (yikes, when my wife comments how badly it was written it is a really bad sign) can be found here...
    Some video of the trip, edited with Sony Vegas (my first edit with that software) can also be found here...
  5. Thankfully, winter seems to be retreating a bit here in central Sweden - enough so I could go for a walk at the local manor hose with my kids yesterday.
    And what self-respecting manor hose would be without horses?
  6. I'll try that again...
  7. And there is a lovely place to take a break just a few meters up the road...
  8. I have been real busy of late with wedding preparations and a new baby on the way so there hasn't been much time for photography unfortunately but I managed to take some time out and do some work this week as I needed to relax and this is one of the shots I took.
  9. Nothing recent, maybe today, off to a hike now. Been re-working some older images as I am slowly learning PS Elements 6, yikes.
  10. Image
  11. Test driving the Super Takumar 105mm F2.8 on the K10D just around the block :)
  12. a comparison shot with the Macro Takumar F4
  13. and one for springtime
  14. I've returned from Vietnam and begun sorting through the negatives from my year long sojourn. This from my MX, 50mm and a big window on expired Neopan 1600.
  15. Lots of great shots here. "Spring", yeah:
  16. That was with a Rikenon 300mm f/4.5 lens (from the safety of my porch. It seems it always snows when our amaryllis blooms. The red is hard for a DSLR to manage.
  17. That was the FA 43. This is with another Rikenon XR, a 35mm f/2.8.
  18. A lot of great posts!
    I liked:
    Justin's #1
    Ron's #1
    Bob's - very beautiful
    Yuri #1 &3
    Equipment: K110D & Tamron 70-300 1:4-5.6
    1/60, f/5.6, ISO 1600, 180mm, full frame
    1/250, f/5.6, ISO 200, 300mm, cropped
    1/200, f/5.6, ISO 200, 300mm, cropped
  19. I went to see a great singer and songwriter play on Friday. Donovan Frankenreiter played a nice intimate show at the Crested Butte Center for the arts. I love seeing shows there! This was an early (7:30pm) show so we brought our son who is now 8, and he enjoyed the whole experience very much.
    K-x & Sears 135 f/2.8
    Some irresistible shadows I saw yesterday
    K-x & da40
  20. #1 Spring Is Here

    Pentax K20D and Pentax F* 300mm f/4.5
  21. #2 Sunol Water Temple
    Pentax K20D and Tamron SP 24-48mm f/3.5-3.8 adaptall-2 (13A)
  22. #3 My college friends
    Pentax K20D, FA 77mm f/1.8 limited, AF280T
    My long time friend since college asked me to help with her wedding. I used mostly DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 for the daytime outdoor portraits and Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 in the banquet event with flash. I only manage to use the 77mm for a couple of shots. I wish I have more shots with the 77mm and 43, the color and sharpness really stand out when compared with those from the Tamron zoom. But the Tamron zoom still provide the quickness in not missing important shots in a rush. In the night event I have my main K20D with Tamron zoom and AF540 flash while I have a backup K20D mounted with a prime in 15, 43, 77 and with AF280T bounce flash in auto mode.
  23. Bob,
    Great shot (BIG) via the link, but you need to crop out that dock on the side!
  24. my one for the week, its like spring has sprung so I have been shooting flowers. K20D with 18-250 @ f9.5 1/180 sec, ISO 140
  25. Good to see your work everybody. I am enjoying it immensely. There are some I just look forward to seeing what you come up with. And others I am always in awe of. Favourites . . . nah - too hard.
    A couple to add to the thread - I actually had a day off! Almost forced leave by the beach with the family. It's nice watching the tide catch up to a hole dug in the sand.
    First one - broad daylight (fun for lighting and colour - NOT!) But slightly happy with this one.
  26. Number two - beach shack decorations. Well it wasn't much of a shack really. My husband dreamed of the glass floats though. (He's keen on fishing.)
  27. Yury, you're #2 shot is my favorite of all the shots you have posted. I have been following your images each week and I think this one is really very nice. I love how the stone staircase leads one's eye into the photo and surrounds itself with such nice tones from the trees and the sunlight. Very nice photo indeed.
  28. Went out to California (work) this past weekend. Since it was a quick business trip (carry-on only) I took the little Samsung EX1 with me instead of the K20d. Long Beach. Ode to Javier. (sorry Javier. You deserve better than this.)
    From Out and About
    And of course I had to try some night photography with the little point and shoot. I found a convenient stantion to perch the camera on while I held it as still as I could. 1/10s @ iso 200
    From Night Photography
    I was really interested to see how much blur I could get without destroying the photo with noise using this tiny little sensor. 1.5 sec @ iso 200
    From Night Photography
    I'm really digging this little camera. For something that rides around in my pants pocket I'm pretty thrilled. Proof that the best camera is the one you happen to have with you at the moment.
  29. Thanks, John.
  30. Nice work everyone!
    Highlights for me this week:
    Bob - stunning reflection image. I love it!
    Nick - your first is very nice. I like the droplets.
    Jack - your second with the peeping eye is really cool.
    Hin - nice spring blossoms, we still have to wait a while for those but things are headed that way between snowstorms.
  31. Thanks Matt, I always enjoy your biking, hiking, skiing shots etc.

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