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  1. Hope you don't mind me posting one more picture as I seldom shoot with my Pentax gear. With ACL and walking in crutches, I find my K-3 a bit on the heavy side but I really like the upgraded capabilities of the newer body over my K-5 and the use with DF-A 100mm f/2.8 WR macro really a good combo for me.


    Secret Garden Single In Velvia
    by Hin Man, on Flickr

    Wish someday, I get nuts enough to try out the KP model as I like lighter and smaller model.
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  2. Oh so that was your knee all busted up detailed on Flickr? What happened?
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  3. Thank you in noticing. Yes, I busted my ACL in skiing this early season in February. I thought it was a bad sprain, I iced it for 1+ hour and then bought a clutch from the First Aid Ski Patrol room in Bear Valley Mountain. Thank God for the crutch and I was unaware of the ACL complete rupture. Drove home 4 hours with my precious boy on rear seat. Next day saw urgent care and thought I was okay without fracture. Saw specialist with Orthopedic surgeon on 2nd day after injury. MRI on 3rd day. It was only 5 days after accident when my surgeon asked if I saw my ACL in the MRI screen, I grudgingly replied I didn't see anything. It was then that I realized that I completely torn my ACL as it was all missing in the MRI. Had my surgery on 3/15 and now recovering quite well with physical therapy every other day. I manage to bend my knee over 100 degrees and the goal is to reach 130 degrees. I am grateful for the full experience. Now I know what it means to be disabled, needing crutches, needing to ask help when I can't do certain things as simple as carrying a coffee mug downstair. I would not take away any of my experience. It is meant to be part of my history and I now have all empathy for people who are disabled, be it permanent or temporary like my case.
  4. Glad to hear that your recovery is going well. Way back in 1992 I was playing football at an Army base and injured *something* in my right knee. Never did have it looked at - I had no insurance - and eventually it healed up. Took a long time. Whatever it was, it flares up now and again. And that time is now. I'm hobbled and unable to do my normal runs in the morning.I now appreciate escalators.
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  5. It never hurt to get it checked out. An MRI with a Orthopedic will reveal the issues that you have. Partial tear can be fixed but the recovery will take a long time. 2+ weeks for me to walk without crutch and 4 weeks to bend over 90 degrees. I can't do any strenuous exercise as in skiing, tennis, basketball or any sports that may pivot my knee in turning direction.

    If your knee feels like hobbling without the full ACL to keep them properly in place, I will highly encourage you to seek medical help to check it out. You have to find time to get better. Ask your general physician for a referral and make sure you know your benefits from your insurance. In my case, all the medical staff don't suck but the insurance company that I have with Cigna is the evil of everything that I know. They declined my ACL cadeva surgery two days before the surgery date and was later resolved by my surgeon. Same thing happened in my rehap with CPM flexing machine and that in physical therapy.
  6. That might be a torn meniscus. Mine has a little tear too but it doesn't really bother me. If it gets worse I'll get it fixed but it's been ok for a couple of years with a little tear. I feel mine mostly in the morning as a little click in the range of motion when I bend. If it's not too painful this is usually much less of a problem than a torn ligament.

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