POTW 22 June

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  1. Have members of Photo.Net put their Olympus equipment in storage?
    In this photo young Jethro seems to have moved after the camera locked focus. jethro.jpg
    ZD 14-54 on Olympus E-3
  2. I haven't given up on M4/3, yet. Just discovered you can drag a photo from the desktop to this upload window, No "upload a file" required. Olympus EP2.
    Cannery Row 13a_3.jpg
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  3. Useful information.
  4. This thread encouraged me to take my GX1 & 14mm along with me to a car show today. Monterey 17c_Rock & Rod Festival_1.jpg
  5. Remarkable hair colour.
  6. Shower tree in blossom in our town center of Mililani . They come in all sorts of pastel shades. Shed a lot but they are purty Shower trees in bloom Twn Ctr med.jpg
  7. Using my longest lens, I think it was the 50-200 mm Zuiko. This black cat gets spooked but always is interested in me and my Olympus. I am not allowed to upload the photo, sorry friends and romans....PN idiosynchracy strikes again!
  8. Well, I do not have to explain. Cest la guerre, Meowwww...

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