POTW 12/4 2009

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  1. Being an hour ahead of the New Englanders, I guess I can kick off this week.
    The weather has been so so here and we're expecting 20Cms of snow tomorrow. Whent for a little walk around the back alley ways of Charlottetown this afternoon.
  2. Great shot! Vivid colors and clarity!
  3. These guys don't stand much chance if we do get the 20Cm's
  4. Thanks Kathy, Post some pics yourself!
  5. Well my POM is also my POTW....
    1st Church, Bennington, Vermont. About a scenic 40 minute drive from where I live. It's not quite spring yet here so I said to my wife, want to take a drive out to Bennington walk around and scout some locations (3 covered bridges, the monument, 1st church, and scenic small town USA Bennington).
    K20D, Sigma 10-20mm.
    This shot is from way back in September or October 2008. Had these sitting on my HD ready to go for a while but they got buried. Beautiful 3 day weekend for me. Friday I drove up to the Adirondacks, paddled about 15 miles and drove home, Saturday we went to the Adirondack Balloon Festival, and Sunday we went camping on the Cedar River Flow overnight.
    The weather looks a lot worse than it was, I'd say typical Seattle, looks bad, but no rainfall. Mostly mist, a few sprinkles, and occasional sunshine....
    Pentax K10D, Sigma 10-20mm.
    And my wife, the fire starting cave woman...as my sister said, "whoa, she can start and fire and she's good looking...keeper!" Agreed!
    And a different perspective to show Caney is a valued part of camping life, no doubt he keeps the campsite free of food scraps that could invite small destructive rodents, or much larger and equally destructive Ursa.
    Pentax K10D, Sigma 10-20mm, ISO 800.
  6. Good Day everyone... Bennington. That is extremely close to one of my fishing holes Justin...Really nice shot. Early morning drive to the trout environment... [​IMG] I truly intended to NOT post as many fish pictures this year as last year, but it really is hard fishing in April in New York State and when you get lucky, well, you feel somewhat obligated to share your good fortune so to speak. Mis, I am not vegetarian although I do consume more organic produce than ever before, but inexplicably due to the Trout Unlimited mantra, I release all of my trout to swim another day. Please forgive my one vice. Fish pictures. [​IMG]
  7. Nice shots.
    I'm continuing in my EBay posts. Yesterday I got the Super Takumar 200MM F/4.
    It's heavy, built like a tank and has fine qualities for a 40year old lens. From what I see, it isn't nearly as sharp as my SMC-M 200MM, but it's not far off. It doesn't have the fantastic 3D feel that the M-Series does. And it has more problems with rose colored CA's at 100% crop in high contrast shots.
    But I bought this lens for $30 US dollars. It is in great shape. I just prefer my M-Series 200mm.
    But this old thing still strikes gold when it wants.
    All my shots are with this lens.
  8. Beautiful day in the city, today.
  9. Heading to the City Market...
  10. Avocados, City Market, Kansas City. MO
  11. Grapes
  12. Back home in Blue Springs, Missouri.
    The dog's filthy, filthy toy....
  13. Spring seems to be my theme this week, it is busting out everywhere.
    First up is a experiment with backlighting. I used a remote flash behind the flower and had varied natural lighting as there was about 50% cloud cover. Lots of shots taken with different amounts of natural light and flash, this was my favorite with some pretty strong sunlight.
  14. A little kite session with my brother and son.
  15. My son doesn't have it right yet and asks when the Easter mouse is coming.
  16. Empty marina.
  17. Choo-choo train.
  18. The nerve of this guy, taking a picture of me.
  19. Well...I hope I cant get more shots. Didnt do ANYTHING during the week. This is a shot that I came up with in about 5 min...looking at my pencil box...
  20. Well, this is certainly promises to be a great POW..
    Awesome start Peter with that red wall and staircase..
    Justin, love your shots.. wish you would post them a tad larger :)
    Bob, I think you should post a fish picture every week! The colors and light on that little guy are just super.
    Steve, those are some great shots with that lens.. I like how the chimney turned out best. As an aside, the consensus was to try and limit your POW posts to 3 or 4. Thread gets too unwieldy otherwise..
    Andrew, the Daffy certainly looks pretty, I think I would like it better if it was slightly darker. The easter mouse will have a field day if you leave him some peeled eggs :)
    Leo, the train and the boat are pretty darn good shots. The train certainly has more pop with the colors and the clouds.
    Arkadiy, we need to get you a 'get out of jail' card :) Even your shot looks like you're behind bars .. lol.
    I had the good fortune to tag along on a professional photo shoot for one of the local magazines.. I pretty much stayed out of the photographer's way, and did not use my flash so as not disrupt any of his shots. Looking at some of my photos from that afternoon, I have this sudden urge to get into Pro photography! All shots taken with the DA 50-135.
    #1 A shot of some Flora first
  21. #2 The cacti are blooming
  22. #3 And now the fauna
  23. #4 We shouldn't ignore the fauna in the water..
  24. It's been an interesting week. Three this week with one bonus shot on the Sony A350.
    Palm trees and sunsets"
    I didn't hear your black power speech, my hair was in the way.
    and one shot with the 135mm f2.5
    and the plus from the Sony A350 cause it only comes around once every 28 years....
    Birkat Hachamah - Blessings at Sunrise - April 8, 2009
  25. In search of finding a long lens, I get this used Russian lens, a scan from the user menu on Russian Photosniper Tair-3 Phs 300mm f/4.5

  26. Please allow me one more. All test shots are done hand-held in f/5.6 with exception on the red flower in f/4.5.
  27. Gee Haig, here I am up late with a flu and 102 degree fever (courtesy of my son), and then I see those two shots of yours. . .good thing I took the thermometer out of my mouth first.
    Before my descent into illness i was able to enjoy a spring hike at a nature reserve in Seattle that is one of the few remnants of the old growth northwest forest.
    Schmitz Park 1
    K20D, DA 35mm Ltd Macro, F 6.7 @ 1/180 ISO 400
    Skunk Cabbage
    K20D, DA Limited 70mm f 4 @ 1/60, ISO 400
    K20D, DA 35mm Ltd Macro, F 5.6 @ 1/180 ISO 400
    At first glance the shots seem really proficient this week and I'll comment when I'm more coherent tomorrow morning.
  28. My pictures of the week are rather sad for me. I was not going to post them, but then they are photographs. On Friday I took the day off as I always do on Good Friday. I decided to pull Daniel out of school and go for a hike in the angeles national Forrest since we had not been on a good hike in while. I grabbed by ME SUPER and took off...I wish I had taken my digital with Long lens, but who knew...While Hiking a creek we came across some voodoo dolls hanging on the trees and as we looked up ahead, we found a group of people practicing true Santeria...They where doing animal sacrifice and putting the blood on these peoples head to ''cleanse'' them...It was creepy to me and horrible. All I could do is pray for these people. Anyway here are some images. Wrong lens and these are heavily cropped as they are quick scans. I will not post the slaughtering of the animals though. So ugly...They ended up scaring us away as they did not like their pictures taken....but I kept shooting.
    Here we have the black witch and the white witch. Notice the snake..
  29. Here they are prepping the victim
    Here they are doing the ugly ritual ...
  30. One of the voodoo dolls.
    Here as I am walking in their direction...How creepy is this?
  31. Alrighty then, it's 2:17 am and I should be sleeping, but hey, who needs sleep when there are photos to be posted! ;)
    Nothing particularly special this week. Just me goofing off with my friends and trying to document the process.
  32. Interesting stuff gang. It's nice to see all the flowers arriving for spring.
    I like the B/W Justin. Very nicely done.
    I don't know Haig, I think your first model shot without fill is fine. I like the tone and texture of her skin better than the second where there is more light. I might be showing my age here, but I'll be glad when models are once again allowed to have a bit of meat on their bones. Real girls are supposed to have curves.
    Michael, I really like the lighting on the Trillium. Very pretty.
    It's been a bit of a boring week photographically speaking. Spent most of my time in the workshop and processing wedding photos. But did get out to a advertisement shoot for a fabric store. Here's one that didn't quite make the grade. The arrangement was deemed a little too uninspired so alterations were made. Lighting was a couple 540gfz strobes, one just to the right and behind the camera with a white card for fill to the left and the other strobe behind lighting the fabric.
  33. Here is my 3 for the week I will comment later as this far in the photo's takes me a while to load because of dialup. First up is a Painted church and will be my last painted look one for a week or so as Markus Maurer had a proposal for me and I decided to try it for a week.
  34. Next up is a Moon shot I took at the begining of the week and the reflection was in the shot.
  35. Last for me is a common site round where I live.
  36. Some really beautiful images here, both fauna and flora. Javier, that is one strange series. Of course I am only referring to the subject, the pics are fine. Well, here are my three.
  37. tree in fog II, b&w
  38. finally.
  39. Photographic moments this weeks where few after my mountain tour, just snaps and experimental stuff :)
  40. a close view of crystal glass
  41. the bargain of the day
  42. Went hiking yesterday.
  43. One of my good friends and I went to the zoo yesterday. I took pictures with Tammy SP 300mm. Although I carried a heavy tripod, I did not use it. Sometimes it is difficult to use a tripod in a crowded place. So pics are handhold. ................This lens is heavy.
    First pic..........typical zoo stock photo
  44. The second shot is taken with an extension tube on the 300mm. My friend is also a Pentaxian :)
    I gave him my other extension tubes to practice with. He got few nice flower shots.
  45. My first time on pow, not sure of the rules so forgive me if I'm off topic or out of line, that said here's 3 from me, trillium-k10d, da50-135 with (gasp) nikon 3t diopter, the 2 bird photos are k10d, 300 super tak+sigma 1.4x tc at a local wetland trying to get some pics of the woodducks(no success, to far away and to blurry from camera shake) but did take quite a few others, not the greatest but good for me considering handheld leaning against stuff with a manual focus lens.
  46. wake robin
  47. red winged blackbird
  48. I got back from vacation late on Wednesday and I have some 11GB of RAW pics to deal with. :-o As US Tax Day is upon us, I won't be posting any pics today, just comments on the photos so far.
    • Peter, I like that staircase...and I promise not to ask you to convert it to B&W :)
    • Justin, the church is a great shot, and I won't ask you to convert it to &W either :) Also, I agree that both your wife and dog are keepers!
    • Bob M. wrote Mis, I am not vegetarian although I do consume more organic produce than ever before, but inexplicably due to the Trout Unlimited mantra, I release all of my trout to swim another day. Please forgive my one vice. Bob, is this directed at me? Did I ever condem your fishing? I love fish. Especially BBQ'd!
    • Andrew H., Kite shot is a winner.
    • Leo P., nice balance between the train and sky.
    • Arkadiy, nothing wrong with abstracts (quite the opposite), and that's a very nice shot :)
    • Haig, I commend you for working so hard to shoot the local fauna. They are often skittish, shy, and hate photographers. I know you did it us, so thank you.
    • Jemal, your sunrise works for me, even if it was shot with Olympus :p
    • Hin, make sure you DON'T go to photograph the White House with this lens, OK? I'd think I'd prefer the last shot to have some brighter highs. In any case, looks like an interesting lens!
    • Michael E., great light in that last shot, but I'm not sure the composition is as good as you could have made it. Hope you don't mind me telling you this.
    • Javier, creepy indeed, and even more so with the media you used.
    • Adam W., you continue to excel at your decisive moment people shots :) Now the same could be said of your 2nd shot; very nice lightning! However, you ruin everything you'd built with your 3rd shot...you see, I am on a diet and hating you very much for that donut picture. Let's see if you can redeem yourself next week, mkay?
    • Ben P., I like the sewing machine; the photo has a great dated feel to it. For future reference, take the UV filter off the lens for night shots!
    • Robert C., Cellblock 2 is my favourite so far. I'm clapping for you :)
    • Markus, your continental breakfast seems straight out of a 70s brochure!
    • Subho, I'm glad you used a 300mm on that tiger! Great shot, and not as typical as you might think.
  49. @ Haig ... I want to be your assistant when you do your next model shoot. I will bring the reflector / fill flash :))
  50. A great start to the week everyone, we seem to be blowing the 3 picture 'rule' away this week ;)
    Excellent shot of the church Justin. very moody look. Nice camping snaps and story.
    Bob, keep taking the good fish shots. That was a nice catch. Very nice soft colour in the sunset.
    Steve I like the stack against the blue sky Nice colour and look to the produce shots.
    Andrew H. Nice kite shot. Great sky. Daffy is nice but a little bright on my monitor. Love the mouse shot.
    Leo, very nice train shot. Great colours.
    Arkadiy I like it. cool.
    Haig, Fauna, well what more can I say than the captions. I like the 'rope' shot.
    Jemal. Palm tree is nice but you need to straighten it. Love the colour in 'electric'
    Hin that brochure shot is a riot. Suit and tie in the mud. Shots from the lens seem OK. A touch soft maybe but nice bokeh.
    Michael E Nice series. The trillium is very nice.
    Javier. The shots are fine but the story is awful. I don't understand how people like this think. May they should sacrifice each other till they are gone. :-(
    Adam W nice capture of the lightening strike.
    Scot Looks lke a good shot. Nice work.
    Ben, I like the look of the church shot but it is crooked. The moon shot looks unusual. Like the moon was pasted to the shot. Those truck trains are longer where you are!
    Robert C, love the look of that tree shot. Moody and almost surreal. The others are very good too.
    Markus, that first shot is cool.
    Guy Nice series, a worthwhile alk I think.
    Subho. the teeth shot is a very good moment captured.
    Robert B, both nice shots. The flower is very good.
  51. My flora and fauna from last week
  52. yesterday, a hawk or turkey buzzard swooping around our lawn
  53. Howard, I love the 'Too fast' shot. Awsome. But my goodness man clean that sensor!! where you shooting without a lens this week?
  54. My faves:
    Peter Z- Great stairs and building; it's going to be 20 degrees F tonight, here (Kingston, NY)
    Justin - does your wife also cut wood and put up tents or did you really put the camera down?
    Bob - nice clouds
    Andrew - Nice daffy w/subtle color in bright light - not easy!
    Arkadiy - love the abstract
    Haig - Nice flora and fauna - Scot is being picky ;-)
    Jemal - Good sunset; Power theme here? Love 2nd caption; If we could tap the sun like in #3 we'd be in great shape
    Hin - 2nd shot is special
    Michael - Like Schmidt Park #1 misty feel but could you move the fallen tree?
    Javier - I would have been long gone
    Robert C - Really creepy prison - where is it? what century?
    Subho - you can see his tonsils! Is he inviting you in?
    Robert B - Sweet trillium - nice shot.
  55. Peter,
    I haven't used the blower in a few days and I do change lenses a lot. That shot seems to show the stuff the most. That's why I'm thinking of the Pentax 17-200. Thanks for the thumbs up.
  56. Peter asked for a submission. Here's mine. Shot in RAW today.
  57. Wow, a great kick off this week. I'll wait to comment on individual shots until the rest are in over the next day. One thing is for sure, I wish I was Haig this week! Can you send your subjects to Atlantic Canada Haig? Here are a couple of quick snaps from me...
  58. Here's the second...
  59. Another great POW so far... People getting better and better.
    One thing that surprised that some of you guys actually liked the abstract...maybe I should expand that subject a little bit. Since IMO that kinda looks like a snapshot and I couldn really apply any lighting technique whatsoever to make it look nice and balanced. So thanks for the comments...
    My favourites so far..
    - Justin --> For the church one. Dude, stop cheating, kicking butt every POW... you are too much for this forum. =)
    - Haig --> The second picture...Liked the composition and sharpness. Balanced colors overall make the pic look good.
    - Robert --> Your first pic is awesome. Easily might be a theme for an album cover of some rising underground gothic/metal band
    SO...those were my faves so far..let's see what comes up next
  60. A couple of flowers taken yesterday...
  61. Here's one
  62. Panoramas don't show that well, but I like this.
  63. And last - Happy secularized Easter, all!
  64. Hello all. It's bee a while since I posted last. Interestingly, while I am in a "job transition period" (haha), my little Pentax *ist DS is earning its keep. I'm freelancing as a writer and doing my own photos with the stories. Now, I'm thinking upgrade... Here are three submissions from last week.
    The Divas... my cousin's English Labs, Zsa Zsa and Eva.
    From the playground.
    Shooting a local golf tournament.
  65. Justin - does your wife also cut wood and put up tents or did you really put the camera down?​
    Howard, I didn't realize you were a New Yorker too, and an upstater at that (North of PoK is upstate for my purposes). Yeah the weather has been weird here, earlier in the week we had snow, sleet, hail and thunderstorms in the same day.
    Actually she does cut the wood, the tents are a group effort or my job (the wood is a group effort too but she often cuts/collects more than I do). Now my sister on the other hand is useless. My little 5 year old brother was more useful than my 23 year old sister! Very sad!
  66. This week’s output is among the best I’ve seen so far. This is going to be a long list.

    Peter Z, that black-on-red circular staircase is a great way to kick things off.

    Steve D, Pooch Toy has nice muted colors and texture.

    Andrew H, Kite captures a fun experience just right. Destined for you and your son’s scrapbook I hope.

    Leo P, very strong photos this week. The first two are I prefer. Like the composition and color palette of the first one; lighting and color of choo choo is very good.

    Haig, you win the wow award this week. Great form and bokeh on the first one and just a good idea; the second is nicely colored and sharp and just gets me wanting hot weather. The third and fourth are very well done. I think fill flash on no. 3 would negatively offset the bright background and the difference now helps the model’s skin colors look grand. No. 4 is nicely posed and perfectly rendered. Her skin may be picking up some blue off the pool, or that may just be her true colors. Very nice work.

    Jemal Y, Palm trees is irresistible. I was surprised and delighted by your Birkat Hachamah shot and just your acknowledging the holiday. I got my kids and wife out side then too but the weather was totally overcast. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be around 28 years later to try again with them.

    Javier, that’s a very intense series of shots. I don’t share your revulsion re: their religious practices, but appreciate your posting the shots. Excellent.

    Scot T, love the tones and lighting on the sewing machine shot. That’s a classic machine.

    Robert C, your work rises above too this week. I like everything. Nice processing and lighting on Cellblock 2. Where is that? Next time I’m in Philly (my wife’s hometown) I’ll have to check that out. Did you see where Philadelphia is among the most highly rated photographic cities in the new Pop Photo? Tree in fog II is just sublime. Enter that in some contest. The barbers chair is also excellent. Amazing texture and color rendering. The more I see it the more I like it. I’ve shot similar ruins with the same lens and can recognize the “look.”

    Markus M, crystal glass shot is very meditative and warm. The black frame helps.

    Robert B, gotta love the redwing blackbird. The background has that slightly muted SuperTak rendering quality I find special.

    Howard T., Too Fast is very artful. Looks a tad blue to me, but with a tweak to get closer to gray tones and clone out the sensor bits you got a keeper there. One of my faves this week.

    Kathy B., nice colors and composition. You are ready for the DA Ltd. 35mm eh?

    John C., last shot of golfer I would publish. You got the story. I still have my *DS, I don’t think one can find such functionality in such a small size anywhere else, especially with a pancake lens attached.

    Thank you Scot T.; Thank you Miserere, I always appreciate all feedback on my shots; that is about the best way for one to improve. The trillium series to shoot was very frustrating due to contrasting lighting, an unstable position in a forest gully, and I’m still learning to shoot closeups with the DA 35mm focal length. I’m used to using 65mm/90mm/125mm for closeups and 35mm is a whole different approach. The crop is weird for me too on this shot; usually I crop strictly proportionally but that didn’t work here. So I figured to use software to make the shot work well enough.
    Thanks you Peter Z. for viewing the series as a whole. Thanks Howard T., gee the fallen tree made the shot for me!

  67. Sorry to be late to the party. The spiral stairs were really a good kick-off Peter!
    That's a wonderfully expressive shot of the Bennington church, Justin--I've had a passing acquaintance with the town and it seems to me you've captured one of its moods.
    No need to apologized for a released trout, Bob--keep 'em coming!
    Nice set, Steven--Filthy Toy is my favorite.
    Something about Empty Marina appeals to me, Leo.
    As of this morning, Arkadiy's "No ideas..." was my favorite--maybe still
    Maybe I'm showing my age but I like the vegetative photos best, Haig--really nice!
    Interesting series, Javier! I salute you--I couldn't have done that.
    Robert--Cell block and the chair are both really fine, Robert.
    Crystal glass is beautifully done, Markus. It takes skill and confidence to do justice.
    You were right to post Too Fast Howard--I like it!
    "Mr Big Teeth" is great, Subho--well done!
  68. I feel like I'm in something of a slump (or relapse--having returned to the magnolia--this time the 105mm Sigma macro.) On the other hand, I've finally gotten around to subscribing to Lydia.com to get some formal(ish) pp instruction. Here's one of the better late-stage magnolia macros.
  69. This a Iris seed pod husk I thought was interesting.
  70. This Yellow-Crowned Night Herons are back! This was taken hand-held against the sky with a lens (Sigma 70-200mm) which was way too short. Needless to say, I'll be going back with a longer lens to try to get it right.
  71. Well, while I normally pick three images that I like the most, three are impossible this week...To be even more fair, I am going to pretend that Justin did not post any pictures this week.. :)
    @Peter Zack [​IMG] , Apr 12, 2009; 12:01 a.m. This image is plain good. Great composition and color...It takes allot to put out a flower shot that stands out these days, but you have done that....
    @Leo P , Apr 12, 2009; 01:34 a.m....This image is plain great, Love the empty marina and the composition and color is quite good..
    @Haig Tchamitch [​IMG] [​IMG] , Apr 12, 2009; 02:13 a.m. ...Bravo, Fantasticoo..Well done...
    @Jemal Yarbrough , Apr 12, 2009; 02:20 a.m. ...Simply beautiful!!!
    @robert colameco [​IMG] [​IMG] , Apr 12, 2009; 06:50 a.m....The cell block...Simply put..This is my favorite image this week..Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    @Subho Basu , Apr 12, 2009; 09:18 a.m.....Great tiger shot..Good timing.
    @Dave Hollander [​IMG] [​IMG] , Apr 12, 2009; 07:33 p.m....The first bloom is gorgeous!!!!
  72. "Kathy B., nice colors and composition. You are ready for the DA Ltd. 35mm eh?"

    Michael, To borrow a line from Sarah Palin: "You Betcha"! LOL
    Lots of great images here!
  73. Hi folks. A few general comments for those of you who commented on my pictures and for those who did not. Judging by these answers and some from PF and another on street, I know they are uncomfortable for many and I myself wrestled with posting them...How ever as I said, they are photographs...They are far different than the usual brick and mortar buildings, flowers, cats, etc that most of us shoot day in and day out...It is easy to get stereo typed as a certain type of photographer...Nothing wrong with that, but there is a whole world out there waiting to be captured...Not all of it is pretty. Infact much of it is ugly. So when I saw what was going on, my first instinct was to Pray and my next was to shoot and I would do it again...Anyway it is what it is and it happens all over....
  74. Just some goofing/bragging with an award from work and the D-FA 100mm Macro...
  75. Javier Your pictures remind me of a documentery series you would find in a history book I rather like them and think the B&W fits the captures well.
  76. This weeks pictures seem to have a wide variety of subjects, and over all, is a great group of pictures.
    Spring hit here, then two weeks later we had freezing temperatures, so everything sort of closed up. But now it's back in all it's beauty.
    The first picture is a white azailia. I never knew how hard it was to retain detail in white, but here is the finished product.
  77. Thanks Ben...For anyone interested, I also captured a fellow doing some sort of Satanic ritual last year at the beach. I just uploaded the pics here.
  78. This next one, I didn't even look through the viewfinder. I guess I was too lazy, but it was muddy and I didn't feel like eating mud pie!
    The last picture was shot with the Pentax K10d, Tamron 28-80mm f/3.5 @ F/16.
    This picture, Pentax k10d, Pentax 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6
  79. By the way Javier, I just had a thought; If you're a Christian and came upon these people, their ritual would probably not work-especially if you prayed for them right there!
    I'll change topic and post a landscape instead of all these flowers. I used the Pentax 50mm F/1.7 @ F/11. A series of 4 virticle shots put together in photoshop.
  80. Jon, you are exactly right and it was right after that, that they started to mad dog us and that is when we left.
  81. Ok, so I love the very 1st pic. Hard to top, and there's plenty of others I really really like.
    But, first and foremost, ROBERT C.... how, exactly did you get that chair to look like that?!??!?! Was there any PP going on? Was is just funky light in the prison? (I think I'm in love w/ that prison after seeing 2 photo sessions with it, and I haven't even made it E of TN yet)
    I personally think Matt should have mentioned how he took the macros of the award - on the hood of the car outside in full sun - I'm surprised they look studio/flash lit to me.
  82. As for myself - frankly, the belly is getting bigger & I'm getting slower & lazy-er (???). Therefore, the getting up n down & moving around got left for Matt during this week's photo shoot. Yeah, he took these & did the PP - I'm claiming partial credit because the posing was by me.
  83. I wasn't only pointing to places to stop & click. Fill light provided by me & a 40ish inch gold reflector.
    For this one, the groom-to-be decided to "improvise." Yay him!!! I think taking their pics together at the wedding will be a lot of fun, too.
  84. Peter Z. - The red stairs are awesome. Maybe its cause red is my favorite color.
    Justin S. - Your church/graveyard is haunting.
    Andrew H. - Your Kite photo has a great expansive feel to it.
    Haig T. - Your 1st and 2nd shots are just amazing.
    Hin M. - Your black and white conversion is the best (photo 4)
    Michael E. - That skunk cabbage glows with the yellow. Talk about 3d.
    Robert C. - Very moody black and white of cellblock 2. Love it.
    Robert B. - Love the red in the Wake Robin. Looks like a mouth.
    Howard T. - Too fast is very artsy. Nice. Looks like an angel shadow.
    John B. - Those white flowers appear very delicate
    Jon R. - I'm in love with that glowing flower. This little light of mine...
    Javier G. - Your series wins best of show this week. It's gritty and since I'm interested in religion...the topic helps still the show.

    Thank you all who commented. I'm struggling to get better and need the critiquing. As for the Jewish Holiday, it was an awesome experience. Anytime that we can praise the Most High for his work, we should, even if its just being in awe that the universe actually works. And Javier, man, that was an awesome awesome series of captures. Bravo!
  85. Maria,
    Thanks for your comments on the prison shoot. (that just doesn't sound right) Anyway, as for the barber chair. It was just sitting in one of the prison cells. The light was provided by a small window in the ceiling of each cell. When Eastern State Penitentiary was opened in 1829, it was considered "state of the art." Part of a broader reform period in U.S. history. The idea was to keep the prisoners separated which was supposed to cure them. The cell is closed off so you can't even go in. In pp last week I started fooling around with some textures that I downloaded. I layered a texture over the pic and dropped the opacity greatly so it is hardly noticeable but certainly there. Otherwise I didn't do much. Here's another example of a pic I added a texture to.
  86. Robert, That's a great shot and technique. You've created some fine stuff with these. Would you mind sending me an email at ptz1961(at)hotmail(dot)com?
  87. I'm a bit late but this shot is from last night / week. This is a 30 second exposure of a thousand foot laker (Walter J. McCarthy) passing under the aerial lift bridge in Duluth, MN.
  88. Sorry Javier but I have to speak out: let your photos tell the story and leave out your subjective views. I don't think that 'creepy' 'horrible' and 'ugly' are appropriate labels neither are they particularly helpful in this, a photography forum. Assume that your viewers are able to make informed decisions, and let them comment on your images for what they are... images.
  89. Nice Picture George. :)
  90. It is a nice photo. I haven't figured out the lines below of the girl's face but the dynamic is very good.
  91. Dave, I saw that too. If you look between the two girls agaisnt the wall, it looks like there is a demon there. Very Ghostly.

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