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  1. Well, it's 2:09 am here in NY so I'll start off the week with three shots from New Paltz and near Kingston. Went to New Paltz to catch the last day of a photo exhibit of shots from the Hudson Valley. When I came out just before 4 the sky was doing it's Hudson Valley thing. First two shots are on and near SUNY New Paltz Campus. Third shot from my yard.
    Pic #1
  2. Nice start Howard.
    I will go with three street shots.
  3. One more ;-)
  4. Received my first dSLR yesterday: the *ist DS. Thought I'd give it a run and I liked my results.
    Both shots indoors with one 13W CFL, hand held, no flash, with the Rikenon P 50mm f/2.
  5. By windowlight
  6. Well, I'm still on vacation, so I'll throw these in...
    This Cow was at a ranch me and my Nikonian friend, Eric, visited on Wednesday.
  7. Now one from Canyonlands NP
  8. This last one was taken near Moab, UT
  9. Some more from Ohio...
  10. I love the humanity reflected in many of these shots.
    On Friday afternoon I was off work a few hours early and decided to walk a mile down the road to check out a new “analog” photography exhibition. Much to my disappointment, the gallery was closed (I guess on Black Friday even art gallery owners go shopping). So I was about to wallow in frustration when I turned around and beheld this decaying building across the street with amazing trails of sunlight and shadow. Even better, the left turn lane was totally blocked off from traffic due to construction on a perpendicular street, so I had protection (in-between the other four lanes of downtown Seattle traffic) to stage the shooting. When time permits, this will be another project, but here is a sample.
    K20D, 35mm Ltd. Macro, f 8 @ 1/120, ISO 400
    Saturday afternoon my family and long-term friends (the woman introduced us 31 years ago) went on a wintry hike at a local nature preserve. We rarely run into anyone, but this time we met a gentleman, Drew, who lives near the preserve and in fact granted part of his easement for the trail. The old-style bow he built and it is covered with rattlesnake skin. The bow comes apart in two sections at the midpoint. He based his design on ancient Chinese methods, which was cool because one of our friends lived in China and is a history teacher. So there was a lot to talk about. He was target shooting for the record.
    K20D, 35mm Ltd. Macro, f 4 @ 1/30, ISO 400
    And finally, my wife on her daily walk.
    A Walk In The Woods
    K20D, 21mm Ltd., f 8 @ 1/90, ISO 400
  11. With the soccer season behind me, I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands. Have time, will shoot. Here are my three.
  12. #2...
  13. I spent Thanksgiving at my mother in laws, southern Connecticut.
  14. Some of you may have read my post last Sunday about my problems with my new (to me) Pentax K 28mm shift lens. Well I am pleased to report that I think I am on my way to getting it to work well. This is a stitch of 2 vertical shots, with maximum shift, using my K10D.
  15. Went to St. Augustine, FL. K10D with Tamron Adaptall 24mm. Used hyperfocal distance focusing at f11.
  16. Another with hyperfocal distance focusing, cropped.
  17. Lunch time stroll, with a friend's borrowed M 50mm f 1.7 on my K20D.
    What do you do when your back door is over 2 meters above the road?
    Ah, latte:
  18. Here are two I shot yesterday in rural Tennessee . Signs of the time
  19. 2. Old car way in the hills
  20. I'm adding 1 more of a mountain of cars
  21. Our first main snowfall has nearly gone. In fact, faint rain today, and looking like the first recorded November ever where the daily highs have all been above zero (Celsius). Everything is brown and unexciting. Will wait for the real stuff to get out shooting again. In the meantime, here are the other three from Stockholm '79.
  22. Stockholm '78 found!
  23. and, #2
  24. and finally,
  25. Örnsköldsvik today.....
  26. For years I have been hiking up a local butte with my two dogs for a nice way to exercise. When I first picked up my camera I took it along religiously but except for a few mediocre shots I decided it was mostly dead weight.
    About a year ago I started seeing a golden eagle about 2/3 of the way up. It would take off well before I got close so I never thought too much about it. Well it has started to become used to me and now I can get within 30 meters or so before it takes flight. A week ago I came upon it late in the afternoon with a dark cloud behind and the golden light hitting it I kicked myself for not bringing the long range camera setup with me. It was darn near perfect and I missed it.
    Well this is from a couple of days later. Complete overcast, blank background, and midday lighting were all conspiring against me. Still nice to get some shots of a wild bird so close.
  27. Saw this little guy on the way down the butte after it started to snow on the dogs and I. Not sure what he is but the coloring is much more interesting than the golden.
  28. Great work this week a couple of my favourites this week are robert's Philly in fog,Sean's Colorado River Reflection and Peter's St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

    Only one from me this week I caught this little guy sitting in the tree out my window as I was doing some PP and could not resit snapping a couple of shots of him.
  29. Wow, really nice shots this week.
    I was out on the levee (in New Orleans) with my wife a couple days ago and we were shooting some of the ships anchoring along the river edge. This was my last shot of the evening. I think its a good reason to hang around a few minutes and get "that one last shot."
  30. I have had zippo luck for the past few weeks. Maybe my films will turn up something. Another empty building.
    Pentax K200D, 55mm Takumar, 1/750, ISO 100, probably f/2.8.
  31. I took a few photos this week with the Pentax, but they are for a friends "holiday photos" so I can't release them into the internet wild. So instead, I will leave with you this shot on a Sony A350 with a pawn store lens. If you suddenly have a craving its not my fault.
  32. A boring business trip this week for me, not much time for photography, so I took airport photos. Both with the K200D, 18-55 II.
  33. My second one.
  34. It's been a while since I used my camera. We went to The Nelson Atkins Art Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri.
  35. Nelson Atkins
  36. I spent Friday exploring in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park (in eastern San Diego County, California). I feel quite lucky that I can get to this area in less than 2 hours from San Diego. All shots taken with the K10D and DA16-45.
  37. I discovered this giant rabbit out in the country this afternoon..
    K100D 18-55
  38. Winter is coming soon, and these fellows (and ladies) are getting ready to head south. Taken this morning while the sun was still below the ridge on the east side of the Bow River in Calgary. Pentax K-x, FA*300 shot wide open at f4.5, ISO 1600 for the birds in flight and ISO 200 for the still life. The little was very impressive in it's first real outing. It was chilly (-4 C or so, about 25F) and the Goldeneyes were really moving fast. The autofocus was surprisingly good, the high ISO performance is really stunning.
  39. One more
  40. Something a little more still - those birds have some very warm feathers. I would last about 20 seconds in that water.
  41. Have been shooting mostly film , before all my mailers expire, but would like to post a couple showing what I've been doing staying up all night and freezing to death(got back one set of slides already and have to say so far film beats digital in the long exposure night stuff), anyway here's a star trail and a long exposure on my barn door mount
  42. long exposure on homemade barn door mount, still a little trailing but one of the better ones I'm afraid.
  43. And just for the heck of it a real picture
  44. Pic #3 from the OP reminded me of this
  45. I have been doing CBA/LBA product shots again. Shame on me when I see pictures above. I love the variety.
    And to my surprise in CBA, I recently get a Rioch xr-p and I like it over Pentax SuperProgram or Pentax MX and it can take on K-mount lenses.
  46. My favs are
    Jeremiah Corbin 's first...What a great image!
    George C 's window image is one the best I have seen from him and that is saying allot!
    Sean Leahy 's cow is fantastic. I never thought I would see the day where I would like an image of a cow...But here we have it :)
    Michael Elenko 's Dappled...I love it. Wish the feet where not chopped off, but great none the less.
    And Beerbrain/Ronny Perry 's old car in the hills...How do u find this stuff?
    Great stuff folks.
  47. Thanks Javier for the compliment. I wish I could have squeezed the man’s feet into the frame. If I stepped back another inch, it would have been the last inch travelled by my feet (and tush) as traffic was zooming by that closely behind me.

    My favorites this week:

    Javier, I like the first one. The look the woman gave you is priceless. Is she getting her fortune read?

    George C. That is one poignant portrait. Well crafted indeed.

    Doug R, your family looks great. I’m sure you have to move fast to keep up with them. I also like Circular Perspective--nice idea, great textures, and that magenta color rocks.

    Robert C, unleashed you are taking things up a level I see. I like them all and they are all different. The Philly in Fog looks like it is out of Time After Time.
    I can see being back with the in-laws in Philadelphia later in 2010. We will have to hit the streets and parks a few times. I’m sure Haig can arrange some appointments to bring him there too.

    Peter Barnes, that’s some “defective” lens. The detail, accuracy, and color is stunning. I think I’ll pack mine for tomorrow as you have inspired me.

    Manuel R, I like the Wall, especially the content. With some more post processing the drama of the lighting could be brought out strongly.

    Beerbrain/Ronny Perry, yeah I like the first two, So American. One day Javier and I are going to show up at your doorstep begging to be taken around to your haunts.

    Tony Evans, They are all classic shots. I’m not thrilled about the frames. . .but the art is spot on.

    Sigmar Dau, the second one is clever and subtle. The color adds so much.

    Robert Buck, the Milky Way with Andromeda visible is impressive. I have to travel 4 hours to hit that degree of darkness.

    Hin, the K-X with the DA 40mm is quite the alien-looking kit. I would think it attracts quite a bit of attention out there in public.

  48. My faves:
    Javier - #1 - it's the girl on the left - sweet- and the joy of pic #2
    Jeremiah - #1 is the most adorable child (who already knows how to pose), # 2 is mighty cute & #3 is beautiful - true portraits, all
    Sean - #1 is pulling me out there - the feeling of the vastness goes right inside me
    Doug #2 has a classic feel to it Is that film?
    Michael - You've caught the delicacy of the light beautifully and #3 is very touching
    Robert - #s 1&2 are out of a victorian ghost story - #1 is scary, truly an apparition. #3 is -can I say it? - the picture of serenity.
    Peter - the church looks like it was dropped from heaven and still glowing - great job of stitching I couldn't tell at all
    Manuel - subtle colors well composed - better than that but I'm running out of adjectives.
    Garry - Watch that first step, it's a doozy! Interesting interplay of colors. I think there's a site of architectural goofs.
    Ronny -p The car is morphing into its surroundings.
    Tony - It;'s really hard to judge the pictures separately from the frames - together they are fabulous. When do you go online with your services?
    Andrew - Stop kicking yourself, #1 is very dramatic as is. The blank sky emphasizes a proud and fierce bird. As for raptor #2, he's probably hell on seeds. You're right about the colors on #2
    Timothy - it was worth it
    Jemal - Yes it is.
    Sigmar - The shadows make it a full squadron. I like the way you pull the abstract intop reality and vice versa.
    Robert B #2 is awe-inspiring and # 3 is perfectly caught.
    Timothy - Yeah!
  49. Michael and Haig, thanks for the comments. Michael, that would be great! Perhaps we can even talk Dave into joining us from Baltimore.
  50. Just one from me, I have a bunch from a motorsport meet I just covered (with some nice Nikon gear, and a Nikon D2X), but no time to edit them as I am off to Vietnam tomorrow. This one is with a K10D, Sigma 24-60mm f/2.8 EX DG.
  51. One more actually, another street shot, same set up.
  52. .......
  53. here is a pic of my great nieces I took a couple of weeks ago
  54. It's Wednesday, so I'll vote my favorites:
    Howard - Your 2nd looks like Colorado... when there isn't snow everywhere
    Javier - I agree with the others, your first shot it excellent
    George C - Your portraits are inspiring!
    Sean - Canyonlands
    ME - Your third is gorgeous
    Robert C - I like the other two, but the first one creeps me out! Good Job!
    Robert B - Your 1st.
    Hin - Stop teasing!
    Camus - Your first - (seriously... how do you do that? You're very patient)
    Jordan - Very cute.
  55. Javier - Thank you for your kind words!
    Howard - Yes she does seem to know exactly what to do. I got a great one for next POW with that same thought in mind... she just.... knows.
  56. Camus, I love the Ghandi shot - is the foreground person a random passerby or did you set the shot up?
  57. I have a late posting this week
    I caught Tim out in some natural grassland flats around the north shore of Gull Lake over the weekend
    K20d 170mm f4 1/125 sec iso 100 overcast day
  58. I will put in acouple I took this week. My first time posting to POTW.
    K20d/DA35mm Macro
    I am not sure of start and finish dates/times for each POTW. I may be too late. Would appreciate a posting to advise me. Thanks guys.
    I really enjoy all the above shots. Well done!
    I a
  59. Welcome Bruce!
    And there is no time limit, but I think people seem to stop popping in for a look after the mid-week mark. Scary subject by the way!
  60. Here are a few shots from my Thanksgiving trip back to Michigan.
  61. one more

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