POTW 11/2/2014

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  1. In preparation for winter, I thought I might prime things up a bit...
    All from Tucson, AZ, shot with K-5.
  2. Oro Valley...
  3. And third...
  4. From hiking to the top - Kennesaw Mountain
  5. my second
  6. on return
  7. We got some snow a couple of weeks ago but it didn't stick. It looks like we will have more today and tomorrow, so I may have some snowy shots next week.
    We carved some pumpkins this week (mine on the right).
    K-3 & DA* 16-50
    My wife and I caught this nice sunset on Halloween.
    K-3 & DA 15
    Out walking the dog yesterday.
    K-3 & DA 15
  8. Home here in the northeast, upstate New York, Adirondack region, the hiking is very good and beautiful. You hike through "thick" forests to get to a summit with amazing views.
    Out west where Matt lives, the trails can mostly be wide open vistas from start to finish.
    Some trails do start in trees and this series again from Rocky Mountain National Park is called "Through The Trees".
    Scenes while hiking using foreground trees sometimes to frame the shot.
  9. #3 Tree framed rainbow
  10. #4 Longs Peak on the way to Dream Lake
  11. Boo, Hoo ! it's Halloween
  12. Don't forget to Vote !
  13. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    A few fall photos from me as well, in and around Indiana.
  14. Great start for this week. I'll comment on individual photos once more are posted. I didn't get out much over the past two weeks due to heavy rainfall and dense fog. We had only 1/2 a clear day and I managed to get a few outdoor shots then.
  15. Here's a second...
  16. Last but not least…a shot of our poodle before a trip to the groomer...
  17. Douglas very two picture find agreeable to first to be enjoyable !
  18. stemked

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    Yury-Thank you for the kind words. It's nice to know I can find time to take an occasional decent photo north of the equator. Looks like you have been having some fall fun as well.
    Don-Dreamy images. I love desert images and have longed to get winter images in such a place. Doubt I could top what you captured there.
    Matt-That Black and white shot is a stunner. So still. The contrast is simply amazing!
    Bob-I always appreciate your tranforming us to the highlands in Upstate NY. That rainbow image though is really special though.
    Harry-looks like you really had some fun with the camera this Halloween. Pretty cool shot.
    and Duane, while my favorite of your series is the rapids, I have to ask the question burning on everyone's mind, where does the dog start and the rug stop? ;)
    Might be a bit late next week, heading to Houston to work on my mother's place.
  19. slowing down again? Hope these will pick you up...
    whom is Mondriaan ?
    it's true : a flame leaves no shadow
    end of season
  20. Sorry I'm late! I just got around to processing my shots from a neighborhood event last year:

  21. Don, that first shot is nice. I like all the snow sticking to the grass.
    Bob, true about our trails, but not all of them. Some are under the canopy of cottonwood, aspen, or pine but usually you will eventually pop out to a big clear vista. And of course there are the trails all above treeline or low in the sage that are wide open for the entire thing. Nice catch with that rainbow!
    Harry, that pumpkin shot is fun! Love it!
    Douglas, lovely reflections and colors. I miss those midwestern fall colors. Thanks for the kind words too!
    Duane, the first is nice, good amount of blur and sky color for a LE. The second is unfortunately a bit overexposed in the water, I have the same problem sometimes.
    Dorus, that first is very interesting. So many different colors and shapes for a reflection!
    Dave, nice people shots!

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