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  1. Didn't get out much this week...
  2. Down Town Duluth, MN...
  3. I got some birds off the porch yesterday morning--glad to get a Blue Jay--they're always around but it's rare to get a clear shot.
    Not quite BIF but I got this Flicker in mid-hop:
    And--just for fun--this is a .80MP crop (K-3 + F*600/4 + Tamron 1.4x TC)
  4. My pics from historic downtown Marietta ,GA.
  5. -to Welcome Center
  6. Fountain
  7. alley and Hemingway's
  8. Haven't posted a fishing pic in awhile.
    #1 First image is actually from my wife. An image of me. I usually don't particularly like images of me, but she did a great job capturing me fighting a fish in beautiful surroundings in Rocky Mt. National Park. It was 6.2 miles to hike to this lake that took about 3 hours, but it was well worth it. It was supposed to be sunny all day, but it sleeted for an hour or so. Oh well 11,000 feet elevation in the mountains.
  9. #2 I returned the favor taking an image of her at Fern Lake with the Little Materhorn Mt. reflected in the lake. This lake was only about 4.5 miles from the trailhead.
  10. #3 The quarry, which has to be released as it was once endangered and is still protected is the beautiful Greenback Cutthroat Trout, the state fish of Colorado.
  11. #4 Tools of the Trade.
  12. That looks like a lovely spot for fishing, Bob!
  13. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Thanks for getting things rolling Harry. Nice color in the opener.

    Beautiful images Dave. Beautiful images, I especially love the cute Nuthatch. The 600mm f4 F, eh? That's quite a lens. Looks like you have a great eye with it. Do you use a Wimberly head?
    Yury, nice perspectives and use of B&W.
    Bob, funny you should say you don't like images of yourself; I'm the same way. Figure my image busts cameras actually. But the images are all great, I especially love the trout image, very nice.
    I did get out this weekend, but haven't looked at them myself. Meantime, more Australia.
    The first image is the famous Diamond Karri Tree in Western Australia. Yes, you climb up, way up.This one you climb up about 54 meters (over 160 feet).
    Diamond Tree Pentax K3 15mm f4
    Rams Horn Shell (Squid shell). K3 and 100mm f2.8 macro
    Quokka. Western Australia K3 55-300
  14. Thanks, Doug! Yeah, the F*600/4 is fantastic (although not a lens I take for long walks in the country) and I'm really pleased by how well it matches with the Tamron TC. I'm using a Manfrotto gimbal head--more of a 'brute force' solution than the elegant Wimberly but less expensive.
  15. Looks like I used my DA* 16-50 a lot this week! It's a very nice lens and a handy FL range for me. No SDM trouble for me (yet, knock on wood).
    I tried to get some Orionid meteor photos late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. I saw some great ones and one that was truly amazing but sadly wasn't able to catch them in a photo. While trying I did some light painting on this nice driftwood stump and stacked about 55 min worth of 20s exposure for this.
    K-3, DA* 16-50, and ImageStacker software
    I attended a fun Halloween party on Saturday.
    K-3 & DA* 16-50
    Out walking the pup last night.
    K-3 & DA* 16-50
  16. That last one is great, Matt!
  17. [​IMG]
    whenever I have friends from abroad, I take them to this old fort (and come back with new pictures every time)
    No, it's not an UFO : first time ever I noticed a parhelion, or sun dog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog
    last thursday we celebrated Diwali

    and last because I cannot resist that crazed look in this otherwise not so good picture :
  18. Dave, is that a missile launcher?
  19. Wow, what a great set of photos from everyone this week!
    Bob, a fish photo, finally :) Love that trout!
  20. Revisiting old photos
  21. Berlin
  22. Nice looking fish Bob!
    Douglas, that tree is pretty neat. Did you go up? Good place for some photos I reckon! (busting out my 'strain for that one, mate)
    Dave, holy cow that lens is a monster! I like that BIH shot too. Thanks for the compliment on my dog photo!
    Dorus the first one is very nice. Good composition and processing!
    Haig, the butterfly is a gorgeous shot! Love the bokeh. The reflection is great too.
  23. Dave, holy cow that lens is a monster!​
    It is--certainly not a 'walk-about' lens by any stretch but great for shooting from my porch (in the morning with the sun at my back). I'll probably take it up to Conowingo and other 'sit and wait' venues, too. I figure I'm sort of renting it--my wife thinks we should move out of this big old house in about five years (and, of course, she's probably right) and I'll sell the monster when we do but, in the meantime it's great fun! ;~)
  24. Does the lens go with the house?
  25. or the other way around :)
  26. Does the lens go with the house?​
    I'm not sure anyone could afford both at the same time ;~)

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