Postprocessing Challenge 14 April, 2021

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  1. No need to reiterate the challenge guidelines for the umpteemth time, other than describing the steps you take. Have at it! trail10.jpg
  2. Cropped with adjustments in shadow and light.
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  3. Cropped, removed bench and tree stump by cloning, adjusted color, vibrance and contrast using PS CS6.
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  4. Moonlit at night. Transformation done in ON1 using a preset and various tonal adjustments.
  5. Is there any specific reason why you cropped the image, and eliminated the bench?

  6. Hi, Michael.
    I cropped out the bench because to me it’s crooked and overly bright becoming a focal point which draws the eye to the colorless area of the path and sort of visually ends the scene there. I’m sorry if I removed a memorial bench or a pleasant memory. Thank you for uploading the photo.
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  7. Hey, Michael. I unexpectedly found a version of this challenge hiding out in my Windows Network Shortcuts??!!! No idea how it got there, but it's a sign that it wanted itself posted since it hung around this long. This one even keeps the bench.
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  8. The negative of the red channel and the blue channel mixed in.

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