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    In my experience, Internet forums generally work on one of two general guidelines when it comes to posting in old threads:

    1. Threads are considered "old" after x number of months and should not be re-activated with new posts.
    2. New posts can be made to old threads anytime because it adds continuity and historical perspective.

    As a new member, I want to follow the guidelines of this site, What is the accepted practice here at in this regard.


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  4. Resurrecting old threads is perfectly reasonable as many contain useful information which would otherwise remain dormant. Some members including myself have done this with their own old posts, if something of additional interest is found about the topic, or where a member has asked a question which had already been covered.
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  5. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    I would add one caveat - resurrecting a seven-year-old thread just to add the comment 'Yes, I agree' may be considered counter-productive :);)
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  6. m42dave

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    If posting to an older thread, it also helps to keep in mind that some of the contributors to the original thread may no longer be active members. Some new users jump into conversations in these older threads without realizing this. If you click on a member's username, it will show the time of their last activity.
  7. I asked a question on DPR Forums and got an answer 10 years later.
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  8. I sometimes get sucked into necrothreads and it's helpful if posting to an old thread to lead off with something like, "New response to old thread!"
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  9. Any day you learn a new word is a good day.
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  10. William Michael

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    Moderator Comment: Forums allow comments to be added to any thread which remains "open".
    There is not a time limit of inactivity which automatically "closes" a thread.
    A thread can be closed by a Moderator: there are various reasons why a thread might be "closed" and some might include a time factor.
    As a simple example - "closing" a thread to exclude further comment in "Classifieds Forum" once the item(s) is/are sold; though this example has not often in practice been used.

    If any member believes any comment in a forum conversation is inappropriate or violates the T&C and/or Use Guidelines then the procedure is to convey that information to a Moderator, howvever note that, simply resurrecting an old thread, does not violate either.

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