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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rick waller, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Just a heads up out there for those who have a need to enlarge images to 20x30
    and even larger to 32x60.

    A fellow photographer recomended this site

    and I just received the prints today. They are superb and the price is
    downright inexpensive. If you order at least 2 20x30 prints, they are $10 each.

    Hell - I used to pay more than that for 8x10's. And....their software does a
    spectacular job in upsizing the prints. Nothing at all like trying to use
    Genuine Fractals or anything else. Just sharpen normally in CS (or where ever)
    and upload to these guys in NJ. Vioal! Instant posters.

    I sent them on Tuesday, they were printed on Wednesday and I had them in my
    hands on Thursday. (I live within a 1 day delivery zone from their NJ

    Obviously, at poster size, your images had better be tack sharp and properly
    exposed, but if they are, what you get will astound you. Oh - and by the way,
    I shoot with a D2X and a D2H and I sent one file from each camera. No way can
    you distinguish which of the images was shot with the 12mp body and which with
    the 4.2mp body. Next time someone criticizes the D2h for its apparent lack of
    pixels, be assured that megapixels for megapixels' sake are overrated.
  2. Eric - is there any chance you could take close-up shots of prints made by each camera? It would be very interesting. Thanks for the post.
  3. Wish I thought of that, but I already delivered the posters to the customer.

    Not sure that macros of the 2 prints would actually prove anything though - the two shots were taken at different games and one was with a 70-200/2.8 on the h and the other with a 300/2.8 on the X.

    And, for the record, I reread my post and I was almost embarrassed to see that I sounded like a shill for EL Color. I assure you that I have no relationship with them at all other than satisfied customer. I was just very pleased (and surprised) with the posters.
  4. Durst Lambda printer print don't print points, but continues fill space inbetween, you don't get more detail from your low resolution files compared to higher res. files (if their resolution is true). Just enlarged pictures - as noted in subject "posters". Acctually that photographic laser printer is intended to print large format photos (resolution up to 400dpi). For reference "photo" resolution ends at 280dpi. All depends and how far you are from print as always :).
    pix vs pix is overrated, but you shouldn't underrate it.

    (waste space of technical discussion)
  5. Nah, Eric, I don't think it sounded like you were shilling. I appreciate the reference and plan to send them a couple of test photos from my D2H. I like letting them use their RIP and saving myself the hassles.

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