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  1. I was intrigued when reading the forum on Good Old Faithful Velvia when a forum post mentioned that a discussion with just Velvia shots would be nice, I agree. I am creating this post in hopes to provide others with examples of how brilliant Velvia is. Feel free to post any Velvia photos and please refrain from debating the difference between Velvia and Digital shots, both are fantastic.
  2. Bronica sq, 50mm. More at
  3. I agree. Digital is fabulous, but when you want "bling," accept no substitute!
    Mamiya 645 / 80mm 2.8 / Fuji Velvia 50
    Joshua Tree, CA​
  4. Sorry, couldn't resist "double dipping" here.
    Double Exposure / Mamiya 645 / 80mm 2.8 / Fuji Velvia 100
    Mission Beach, San Diego, CA​
  5. (Nikon N70, 24mm, 3-stop hard and 3-stop soft grad NDs, Gitzo G01, original Velvia 50).
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
    Wall graffiti , Old Velvia 50
  8. Here's one I shot from the back of a jet boat handholding my Mamiya RB67. Fuji Velvia 100f. Working on my scanning technique.
  9. Just started to shoot 4x5 and film again. Haven't got any killer shots yet but here is one for now. From the mountains just west of Oslo, Norway.
  10. As much as I hate posting on Photonet (just wait for the digital evangelists to thread cr@p)
    here is a shot on Velvia 100F
  11. Thank Paul! Great Idea.
    I normally shoot Provia, but, have tried Velvia 100 recently.
    I am scanning with a Nikon V into VueScan (3 passes). I haven't tried enough film to be sure, but, it seems like I get a lot of grain for a 100 speed film.
    Here is an example
    Is it the film, the scanner or (likely) my techniqe?
    Cheers! Jay
  12. Here is another...hope you like orange!
    Cheers! Jay
  13. All the Velvia shots are great, I love the look of film, especially velvia. Hey Jay, to give some insight to the first picture you posted where you mentioned it was a bit grainy, I doubt it is the film. It could definetly be the scanner or technique, it is very hard to tell, anyone else have any input? I myself have given up scanning (Thankfully I have NCPS that scans my film being that I am in San Diego often). The second photo you posted looks good. Did you scan that one as well? Did you scan it before or after the other photo? Anyways, great images. :)
  14. Hello Paul:
    Yes I scanned the flower after I scanned the sky photo. The scanner was switched-on almost 90 minutes before I scanned these images (if that's what you were thinking ;~))
    I had another look at the film with my "loop" (a Canon FD 50/1.8) and compared the velvia to similar shots on RDP and RHP.
    I do see "grain" in that (velvia) sky...I also see it in the out of focus green areas behind the flower. It is about the same amount as I see on a similar shots on RDP III, much less that RHP.
    The grain I see on the film is not as bad as the "grain" on the velvia will give that another try. After I had another look at the velvia sky scan...there is definitely something wrong with the color...the sky much too saturated (compared to the film image).
    Provia has always scanned well for me. I need more experience with velvia.
    Cheers! Jay
  15. Nikon F 100. AF 35-70 F 2.8D
  16. One more from a garden of snapdragon. F100. AF 35-70 2.8D
  17. Morning Glories captured with Velvia 50 and a Nikkor 55mm f3.5 micro.
  18. Velvia and my F6 are the ticket to relaxation. I won't go any other way.
  19. I don't shoot a lot of Velvia as it doesn't suit most of what I do, but there are occasionally times when I can use it and I always enjoy shooting it when the time and subject are right. But which Velvia? ;-)
    Here's Velvia 50...
    Here's Velvia 100.
    Both 35mm - Canon EOS-3 with Canon 24-70 f2.8L. Scanned with a Nikon V.
    Note that I don't include any Velvia 100F, as it's simply not one of my favorite films.
  20. Scott T, we must both think alike, Velvia 100F is not a favorite of mine either. They should rename it, its not up to par in terms of Velvia 50 and 100, but I guess all film has its place and use. Wonderful images, especially the Velvia 100 shot. :)
  21. Rich C shot #1- is there some doubling of the bottom of the image here? It looks like the same features are shown twice (see bottom left).
    Rich C shot #2- the reds appear almost totally blown out with little detail remaining. Does the slide look like this?
  22. Roger, thanks. Your right on both . Though the red's not totally, but definitely darker than it should be. As for #1 I should have just cropped instead of cloning the black edge. I'll have to put these old eyes to better use!
  23. [​IMG]
    velvia 100, hasselblad 503 with distagon 50, scanned on hasselblad flextight x5
  24. Velvia 50
  25. Kona, Hawaii. Velvia 100F, Bronica RF 645
  26. Make mine Velvia
  27. Mamiya RB67, Velvia 100
  28. Sorry let me try again
  29. now for the drum scanned version...
  30. Scrub Jay Bird. Nikon 300mm f4 AF lens, at f4, 1/250 sec. Fuji Velvia 50 original.
  31. Corrected from my #1 above. Scanned with Coolscan 4000.
  32. Velvia 50, Crown Graphic w/ 203 Kodak Ektar
  33. A rescan with the red channel in analog gain slightly reduced. This looks pretty close to the original Velvia.
  34. Velvia 100
  35. Velvia 50 scanned with Canoscan FS4000US
  36. Couple with Velvia 50
  37. and the second
  38. Velvia 50 scanned by NCPS, Nikon N75 and Tokina 11-16mm DX @ 16mm
  39. Velvia 100 scanned by NCPS, Nikon N80 and Nikkor 50mm 1.4 AF
  40. Velvia 100, Nikon f5, Tamron 28-75
  41. Velvia 100, in Street, Nikon F5, Tamrom 28-75mm f/2.8 + NDFilter
  42. Velvia 100 in a closeup, Nikon F5, Vivitar 90mm macro
  43. And Velvia for Indoors,
  44. This shot was taken at an indoor Florida Panther habitat exhibit. Nikon F5 Nikkor 50 f/1.4 D.
  45. Some really beautiful work, more more!
  46. Darn incredible talent here.
  47. [​IMG]
    Velvia 50. Taken in Pennsylvania in fall 2003. Nikon N80, 70-300mm F4-5.6G, Nikon 5T diopter, and B+W 81A warming filter.
    Velvia 50. Polish Tatra Mountains, June 2004. Nikon N80, 20mm F2.8 AF-D, Hoya Polarizer.
    But I want to point out that it may be misleading to compare Velvia with digital shots by posting scanned photos online. I personally notice that it is almost impossible to maintain the same color saturation when converting velvia slides into digital pictures.
  48. Fuji 6x9 GSWII Velvia 50 at 40
    Make Mine Velvia please!
  49. Zeiss-Ikon Nettar 515, 6x4.5, Velvia 100.
  50. Many of my images here on PN were taken with either Velvia 100 or 50. Here's one on 50 4x5.
  51. [​IMG]
    Badlands National Park - Velvia 50 35mm
  52. [​IMG]
    Rincón, Puerto Rico. Velvia 50, Leica M4, 35mm Summicron
  53. A couple more:
  54. Nikon F801. Nikon 28-80mm f3.5. Fuji Velvia 50
  55. Try again. Nikon F801. Nikon 28-80mm f3.5. Fuji Velvia 50
  56. Velvia 100, Bessa R3M with CV 21/4, Tetenal 3 bath kit
  57. Canon EOS-3, 70-200 f/4L IS, RVP 50
  58. [​IMG]
    Canon F-1, Chrome Nose 24mm f/2.8, Fuji Velvia 50
  59. Velvia 100 - Numero Uno
  60. Velvia 100 - Part Deux
  61. Velvia 100 - Drei
  62. Velvia 50 - La Ultima
  63. This comes from my very first Velvia 100F roll, DIY developed.
  64. Man, I have to start shooting at least some film again! I've gotten spoiled with the ease of digital...
  65. This work is extremely beautiful. And this is all from the camera with no post production mumbo jumbo in the computer? If so I have to start shooting slides more then I do. I usually cross process slide film. Amazing talent here.
  66. Nikon N90s 20mm AFD f/2.8, Velvia 50
  67. Nikon FM2 28mm AI f/2.8, Velvia 50
  68. Nikon N90s, 20mm AFD f/2.8, Velvia 50
  69. Nikon F100, 28mm AI f/2.8, Velvia 50
  70. Finally
    Nikon N90s 80-200mm AFD f/2.8, Velvia
  71. Are all these slides straight from the camera? No post production/photo shop?
  72. Queen of Beasts
  73. "Are all these slides straight from the camera? No post production/photo shop?"
    No, they were scanned which post-processes your file whether you leave it to the scanner driver presets or do it manually.
  74. Yep. Pretty much. I only use Elements and only as a novice which includes only spot heal or clone for the dust spots, a little levels bump, and a small dose of sharpening.
  75. Costa Blanca, last easter, with a panoramic camera (Fuji GX 617) Velvia 100F
  76. Here's another:
  77. Sorry, Central station in Antwerp, Belgium, Fuji Velvia 100F.
  78. Lotta nice shots. Here's one taken in Fredricksburg Texas.
  79. [​IMG]Velvia 50, polarizer and 81-A warming filter. No post-processing.
  80. Wow, so much excellent velvia shots here! Very inspiring!
    Imagine we would not sitting of front of our computers, looking on our 'crappy' monitors with their extremely low resolution and insufficient color reproduction, but enjoying all these powerful pictures in a real slide show on a large, bright screen!
    The original powerful Velvia colors, the almost three dimensional look of a projected slide, the high resolution and sharpness of the original slide.
    In Europe more and more photographers are doing exactly this: Rediscover the beauty of projected slides, and creating events. A small trend is in the beginning, called "open slide": Meetings of photographers, everyone can join in, bring some slides and show them to all the others. No matter if you have landscapes, architecture or portraits, all subjects are welcome. Therefore a great variety is guarenteed. It has a happening character, everyone who likes photography and slides is welcome.
    It's a great idea to come together and enjoy Photography.
  81. This is a superb idea for a thread. Should do this on a monthly basis! Some very gorgeous shots here.
    My shot is cropped from the original version .
  82. [​IMG]
    Velvia 50, Mamiya 7, 80mm
  83. Great thread, and some wonderful images. I'll play, too:
  84. Hmm. The link failed. Second try:
  85. Wow, I see some portraits -particularly Tom Mickan's- that deliver nice skin tone for a film that's deemed unsuitable for such kind of work. Nevertheless, all the pictures above really shows that Velvia lives up to its reputation. I have no pictures taken with Velvia yet, but I will take it for a stroll today and post some pictures (if any are worth uploading in this post; every pictures here are too amazing) later. This thread is indeed interesting.

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