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  1. image look old, free for anyone post, please welcome[​IMG]
  2. SCL


    I'm in the midst of scanning a box of old family photos...this one I shot using filters, as the original image had pretty well faded. It is my grandfather's graduation picture from medical school.
  3. Dimas, how old are your shots? Any info on how they were stored and/or what led to the condition we see (eg, large areas of clumped black grain)?
    My contribution is from the late 1920's or very early 1930's, showing my mother (leftmost subject) and two of her "flapper" era friends. My v750 scan is essentially untouched.
    Tom M
  4. Arghhh! Forgot to downsize it. Sorry.
    Tom M
  5. I have two, scanned (professionally) from a freinds old family photos. Date of Brookmire's Wedding is suspect. It was written on the back of the print.
  6. Sorry, wrong one.
  7. and, from Ontario,
  8. From Australia
  9. This is my grandfather (2nd from left) and his brothers ca. 1943. My grandfatther and his sons (including my father) built this house from the ground up, mixed concrete and made the blocks themselves and, my grandmother still lived in this house until her death 2 years ago. Now one of their daughters live there.
  10. Here is an old photo circa 1900 of my Great-Grandfather Henry Rhoads,Master Machinist, on right-this was a frame of a steam locomotive they were working on-in background, in the Philadelphia & Reading shops
  11. Try this link
  12. This is my paternal great grandmother. This was taken in a NYC studio c 1890's. The background appears to be a painted image? My uncle provided this image to me, and I scanned and emailed it to all my very surprised cousins. (In the future, our deceased relatives will be staring at us from computer screens).
  13. I don't post often, mostly just lurk. Trying to figure out how to post a photo..... hmmm.....
    I've got a cool panoramic... Looks like I'll have to put it on FlikR or something... too big to post here.
  14. We can not forget history.
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    Thank you very much for posting your pictures here.[​IMG]
  15. Third try.
    Great grandfather and family at their Iowa farm. Scanned from small faded print with amazing detail. At full res, "Buick" is visible on the hubcaps.
  16. I love this one; taken by my father-in-law with a Kodak Bantum, he used a flash, and Kodachrome (in 1946):
  17. Here are my favorite old photographs.
  18. My grandfather shot this 4x5 Kodachrome at the wedding of my aunt and uncle.
  19. Me as a child..old
  20. Ron, that 4x5 Kodachrome is wonderful. Why don't photos look like that anymore.
  21. Okay... Here are two brothers, Kentucky 1923. Unknown box camera.
  22. My wife's great grandparents on their wedding day. Picture from the picture used a D300.
  23. Many years ago
  24. Will post two pictures. I found these in a box in my mom's basement when she passed away last year. There were many pictures, now scanned. The first one is actually on tin or some metal. I would guess it was taken before 1900.
  25. And this is the second one. Dating about 1937. My mom.

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