Post Your Non-Studio Headshots

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by Henricvs, May 2, 2019.

  1. Woman taking care of drying ribbon fish

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  2. Nikon D610 + Nikkor 105mm, F2 DC
    Toets Thielemans.jpg
  3. Nikon D610 + Nikkor 35mm AFD f2 @f4
    fils à Raymond.jpg
  4. young lady at an incense stick factory

  5. @inoneeye ... the intimate sensuality and writhing earthiness pops off the page. This is the capture of an air that is breathing life.
  6. Nikon D610 + Nikkor 85mm AFD f1.8 @ f4 (Cyprus, pope 97 years old!)
    le pope, mon ami.jpg
  7. Did you say "Non Studio Head shots"?:)
    Nikon D610 + 35mm f2 @f5.6
    à vendre !.jpg

    Light brown split toned

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