Post Your Non-Studio Headshots

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by Henricvs, May 2, 2019.

  1. Yet another alias, no shame!
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  2. DSC_784b.jpg Melina Mercouri, Tony Perkins during the filming of Phaedra
  3. daniel-what-me-worry_1406-ww.jpg
    sad sack
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  4. Cornuto
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  5. I don't shoot a lot of "people" shots, but here are two recents... posted absolutely without shame.
    Both shot on film, haven't seen the negatives yet- only the scans, but I'm pretty sure these were shot on Kodak Ektar 100 in my Praktica LTL.

    The female subject is someone I thought had an interesting look, the 2 male subjects are friends & fellow photographers. I posted thumbnails due to large file size. Click on each at your own peril.


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  6. Very nice photo Ricochet!!! Feels like a natural substrate to a David LaChapelle image.
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  7. ?
  8. The reference is to Fred (samstevens) who was expelled from PN for his obnoxious behaviour and continues to bother people on PN. No shame, no self respect either.
  9. Oh well. just the the same ol' same ol'.
    It appeared that you had moved on and were calling me out for my pseudonym.
  10. No shame, no self respect : from the guy whose avatar is a pair of ass cheeks ... :rolleyes:
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  11. Fred, indeed I would be so embarrassed to re-appear on a site under a false identity after I had been forcefully removed and was clearly unwanted, both by the staff and majority of members. It is cowardly and, yes, an indication of no pride.

    You spend much of your time arguing with people in the forums, while taking yourself for an un-appointed administrator (sic), a real paradox, why don't you just let others be. As someone wrote to you not long ago, what's eating you man?!

    As for your usual deflection from the subject when unable to answer and your comment on my Avatar, thankfully, the majority of people do like women and their representation in art, and they are therefore in a position to understand when they are considered with respect or not.
    I think the greatest hurt in comments like your one above is not addressed to the photographer but to the models that are posing.
    Do you consider them stupid?
  12. There’s a difference between “representation” and presentation, and between “women” and a specific and recurring subset of women. Those distinctions can be important when considering photography and a body of photographs.
    Why use the models this way to justify your choices and your photography? Your photos are your responsibility, not anyone else's. Just as your repetitive retellings of my personal story are your responsibility and not some fantasized majority of PN members. Others are not there to be used as your excuses.
  13. I think I have found the perfect way to deal with Sam, who seems to thrive on controversy for controversy's sake i.e. a troll.

    Click on his name, in any of his posts. This will open a box. The last item in the box is the word IGNORE. Click on the word IGNORE and... poof, no more Sam, in any forum. If enough people ignore him, he will find himself posting to no one, hence no controversy for him to feed on. I have not missed him for the past six months or so, and do not feel I have missed anything of value. His photography was not all that good and his posts were juvenile at best.
  14. There is no rationale to his behaviour, a troll is a good description.
    Excellent advice, thank you .. unfortunately not enough people will see this here though, someone should consider posting it under one of his numerous insults that appear on the site help page among others.

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