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  1. Dear John,

    You ask those amazing ladies to take their bra of. Just for YOUR eyes?

    Could we also get a piece of those feminine essentials by framing a bit deeper?;);)
  2. posted in another forum
    012P&F Cara Hombre Maquillaje bigote CFTb-CFL200 f8 1-250.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 200. 1/250 f8. Tri-X 400. Microdol-X (1:3) 17' at 23ºC​
  3. John,

    Are totally nude pictures allowed on the site? Thank you?
  4. Yes.

    There is a “Nudes” forum. Nudes are also allowed in individual portfolios.

    Moderator discretion will determine if a nude “goes too far” and photos can be deleted by the site at will, which is clearly stated in the Terms of Use.

    I don’t know exact current policy or if there is one that’s articulated anywhere, but my observation is that nudes have been accepted in the No Words, Street, and other forums but they occur less frequently than in the Nudes forum. No one, to my knowledge, has pushed the envelope so it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    [satire]To be accepted in the Nudes forum itself, pics should be of pretty, young women who are thin. Pouty lips and substantial breasts are encouraged, as are “come hither” and other types of standard poses you’d expect. The occasional wine glass as prop, or high heels as the only garb, is acceptable.[end satire]
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  5. .. yes indeed Jean-Claude, they are but alas some people, thankfully very few (one?), appear to prefer the accessories mentioned above when worn by men, incongruous to the fact of how ridiculous they look, though sad may be more appropriate.
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  6. Thank you.
    I learn from you that in English you push the « enveloppe ». In french we push « the cork » (too deep in the bottle is the meaning) !

    what means « come hither »?
  7. A “come hither” look is an overtly flirtatious, beckoning look.

    Thanks for the “push the cork” lesson. I love that, especially since we’re grazing at sexuality! :)
  8. I could tell from your pics the attitude you have toward young women, but until now never realized just how stunted your overall humanity towards others was. That you would talk this way about transgendered folk and/or cross dressers simply shows the depth of your ignorance and hatefulness. Thank you for revealing yourself so forthrightly.
  9. Sam (Fred), what an ass you are ... why don't you just go away. You were expelled from PN already once for being so obnoxious, have you no pride - how embarrassing.

    As for the transgender stuff, I'm glad you point out that it is the first time in 17 years that I say that. I did not fall into your trap you infantile, you are too predictable for that ... you childishly made an allusion to what I like, so I returned the favour, Only I don't spend my time constantly downplaying other's views like you do. You are the one with prejudice, not me - I believe in live and let live.

    I have already read this comment addressed to you by others, both under your present alias and before .. what's eats you man.

    .. and please stop taking yourself for a self-designated monitor of PN, we have two official administrators who do a very fine job without you,

    I will not reply again.
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  10. And nobody likes my picture of this nice sweet black lady instead of arguing???
  11. I liked it.

    Very good use of DOF. Did you use a mid-range telephoto lens - 85mm or a little more for the shot? You nailed the eyes, the tip of the nose is slightly soft, the ears and back are soft. And you captured a great expression.

    Would you post the shooting data, please?
  12. Yes, of course.

    Nikon D610 + Nikkor 105 DC@f4
  13. I still have to learn a few things here on the site.

    If I open my own pictures under Portofoilio>photos I can't see the shooting data.

    If I opên them under one of my galleries (try "portrait" for this picture), the data is shown.

    Any explanations please? Thank you.
  14. I also just noticed that the wiewing throughout the galleries is far better, the pictures are very much detailed, just as I see them on my 27" Eizo screen...
  15. The explanation is that the software here is poorly programmed and not maintained, so there are many such glitches.

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