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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kisatchie, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Here's one to have a go at.
  2. Larger version
  3. A good one, Rick. I get to try my hand at B&W film noir. Here's the steps...
    1. Cropped to 4x5in. in CS5 Photoshop.
    2. Converted to B&W with "Black and White" tweaking red/yellow sliders to Green Filter setting.
    3. Applied +15 High Pass filter on duped layer set to Linear Light blend mode w/opacity set to 30% w/top layer Black split slider moved to the right to 175.
    4. Applied +2 Gaussian Blur to bottom layer.
    5. Applied custom point curve and Levels adjust to boost clarity and contrast.
    6. Downsized to 700 pixels and applied Sharpen filter faded to 50%.
  4. This was a fun one. It didn't seem to require a lot--nicely composed, moodily smokey (so no need for sharpening or clarity). The only issue I saw was the color and lighting--too warm and friendly for the subject matter. So I iced it up. Tone curves in Lightroom to increase the blue and green and lower the red, a radial gradient around the ceiling light with a blue white balance adjustment, and a blue white balance adjustment brush in a few places that still seemed too unscary. I also lowered the exposure slightly. I tried removing the pole on the right, then decided it was important for adding more tension and claustrophobia to the scene, so it's back. I'd love to know what the story behind the photo is...
  5. Tim's version inspired me to convert to b&w.
    PSE11: cropped from right side, adjust tonality with levels
    Color EFEX: further tonal adjustments with pro contrast and darken/lighten center filters
    Silver EFEX: converted image, selectively added structure
  6. I liked your original framing so didn't crop. In Tonality software:
    Converted to Tri-X film simulation
    Added clarity
    Added Glow
    Pulled back highlights
    Added Vignette
    Sepia toned
  7. I opened in Camera Raw and added more smoke and haze using the Dehaze slider and made exposure adjustments. Then opened in PS CC and created duplicate layer and used the Multiply layer style at around 35 percent opacity. After looking at it for a while I added a gradient in Camera Raw to the top and bottom corners to darken those. I cloned out the lights above.
  8. Nice shot Rick. Really didn't want to play with it BUT I forced myself. Adjusted levels and contrast, desaturated it. Went to PSE 8 and applied pencil sketch filter then adjusted levels again.
  9. Interesting variations & all nicely done. So I thought I would try again. I like the idea of a type of posterization, so...

    1 - Convert to B&W
    2 - Photoshop filters - Texturizer & torn edges
    3 - Copy Layer twice 1st with screen 2nd with multiply (guassian filter)
    4 - Tad of brightness for PN
    5 - Cropped image
  10. Started in Lightroom, switched on the overhead lamp.
    Transferred to Silver Efex Pro 2, used Film Noir preset as a starting point before tweaking further.
    Resized in Elements.
  11. Reposted with the 700px on the right side

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