Post Processing Challenge June 19, 2021

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  1. There are no rules as to how you apply your post processing to this image; but, please let us know what you have done so we can all learn.
    If you would like to post a candidate image next week, please ensure it is of sufficiently high resolution for manipulation by the participants (3000px on the long side, 300dpi for example).

    Most of all, let's have fun while we are learning or demonstrating how we use our post-processing software, imaginations and interpretations.

    I think I took this in Dürnstein, Austria.

  2. BW and levels.

  3. Photoshop: Crop left side, straighten buildings, darken right building, darken street, dehire, enhance red leaves, brighten greens, increase tower saturation; ON1: dynamic contrast and big softy vignette. June 19 2021.jpg
  4. Lots of lines, angles and planes in this section of the image, and lots of experimentation to get to this lack-lustre result; so, I include the layers I used in Ps.
    June 19, 2021.jpg

    Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at Jun 20, 6.11.46 AM.png
  5. I also went for the windows, but I couldn't decide which. This was mostly by cropping and increasing texture and clarity in Lightroom, though there were a couple of excursions to Photoshop to add a bit of roofing on the first and to clone out a few distractions on the second. The major issues were resolution and noise for the unconscionably tight crops. I tried to handle that by increasing texture and clarity, sharpening more than I should but with a high setting for masking, and reducing luminance noise.


  6. Haha...I know this version makes no sense, but I'm just experimenting with the Boris FX Optics trial before it expires.
  7. Here's a 2nd version. This time I used a choice from the old Topaz Impression 2 Plugin which seems to have way more presets than the version that goes with Topaz Studio 2.

  8. Hi, the idea was to show the scene as moonlit, the result is not quite as convincing as I hoped.
    All adjustments done in Lightroom, converted to B&W adjusted the luminosity of individual colours as felt required, reduced overall exposure, used a radial filter off to the left to add back exposure in what are now the highlights, introduced split tones to the highlights and shadows, adjustment brush used to play with localised exposure, finished off with a curves adjustment.
    PPC_FinalEdit_19June2021 (1 of 1).jpg
  9. Like Leslie and Punta, this time I tried to emphasize the angles and lines. This version went through Topaz Simplify, Topaz Neon, ACR toning adjustments, was converted to b/w and put in a thin frame. Gerald's moonlit version inspired me to take the backbround even darker.

  10. Lots of great versions above, but I have to say I'm partial to Punta's retouch of his own photo. It's different and striking.
  11. ppc with grgoyle.jpg
    Extended the sky, roof and chimney with use of cloning in Photoshop then added a gargoyle. Played with tonal contrast in NIK Color EFEX then used painting settings with 50% transparency in Topaz Simplify.
  12. 1656932_c5f8f72.jpg

    I also did a nighttime image. First I added stars to the sky, Then used adjustment layers to first desaturate about 50%, next another adjustment layer -photo filter blue. Next, I again adjusted the hue/saturation followed more adjustment of brightness and contrast.
  13. Is there any specific meaning to the add-on metal device extending from the window? Lightning rod? Way of presenting an anchor token? A pulley apparatus to haul things upstairs? A fire escape exit? A substitute way down for Rapunzel if she gets a bob?

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  14. On further reading, these pulley systems used to be fairly common. I had never seen something like that before. Please excuse the sidestep.
  15. My attempt to join the moonlit version guys who posted above.

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