Post Processing Challenge Dec 18, 2021

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  1. There are no rules as to how you apply your post processing to this image; but, please let us know what you have done so we can all learn.
    If you would like to post a candidate image next week, please ensure it is of sufficiently high resolution for manipulation by the participants (3000px on the long side, 300dpi for example).

    Most of all, let's have fun while we are learning or demonstrating how we use our post-processing software, imaginations and interpretations.

    Old Quebec City in the fall. Can you make it look like it does at Christmas? _DSC4604.jpg
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  2. Didn't get to Christmas, just to gloomy and snowy right before the lights came on.
  3. Duped image, inverted, offsett 5 pixels left & down, blend luminosity, tweaked saturation, cropped, added borders
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  4. Still gloomy but a little more Christmasy this time.

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  5. ppc christmas.jpg
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