Post-processing Challenge, August 13, 2022

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  1. Let's have fun while we learn (and show) how we use our imagination, creativity and skills in post-processing.

    There are no rules or guidelines: your post-processed images can be 'adjustments' that you think improve the image or 'wildly creative' interpretations. Entirely up to you. Please summarize your PP so we can all learn from each other.

    If you would like to post a PP challenge next week (or any other week!), please do! Any Photos/Images can be posted for PP challenges. They should be of sufficiently high resolution, for example, 3000 px on the long side.


  2. ppc  2.jpg

    Lots of sharpening, then lens correction and tonal contrast increase in NIK ColorEfex, then blended image with Topaz Simplify impressionistic settings.
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  3. I really enjoy these challenges. Even though the challenge photo this week was posted by me, this is a photo that I probably never would have gotten around to working on.

  4. Looks like talbot horizon and ibiza 1st gen.

  5. Watercolor version.
  6. PS Express (phone):
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  7. 3 versions. Version the 1st (All work in PSE2020) - - - Cropped from left; adjusted tonality with levels, but selectively modified by dodging and burning, used sharpening tool rather lightly after realizing a harsher treatment created sharpening artifacts, especially on the traffic

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  8. 2nd version: : : : : All work in Silver Efex, starting with an artistic preset; adjusted tonality with lightness and contrast;, increased detail with structure at 20%;applied preset image borders

  9. 3rd version using HDR Efex - - - - - - - Sadly, folks, since I used a literal myriad of control points, remembering my steps literally, logically, and philosophically is not going to happen.

    roundabout HDR.JPG
  10. Here's a Dynamic Auto Painter version with some ACR adjustments. It's a Vincent van Gogh template, so I'm calling this one "Starry, Starry Bullfighting Arena."

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