Post Processing Challenge Aug 7, 2021

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by PuntaColorada, Aug 6, 2021.

  1. There are no rules as to how you apply your post processing to this image; but, please let us know what you have done so we can all learn.
    If you would like to post a candidate image next week, please ensure it is of sufficiently high resolution for manipulation by the participants (3000px on the long side, 300dpi for example).

    Most of all, let's have fun while we are learning or demonstrating how we use our post-processing software, imaginations and interpretations.

    Newfoundland Canada. The lighthouse keeper must have had a large family.
  2. Just a simple color correction.
  3. Photoshop: Removed power pole and lines; Removed one person; filled in trees; Brighten colors and luminosity; Slight crop. Aug 6 Challenge.jpg
  4. ppc lighthouse.jpg

    The lighthouse looked rather short so I expanded it and replaced the bland sky with clouds.
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  5. Good one, Punta!

    Version 1 2 steps in PSE2020: used darkened edges tool, then adjusted tonalities with levels

    ppc lighthouse1.jpg
  6. Version 2 Started with levels in PSE2020. Then went to Silver Efex, selected an antique preset, slightly adjusted tonality and added slight vignetting.

  7. The aim was just a little too good to resist. I also did a bit of landscaping and carpentry/masonry in Photoshop, and darkened and lightened a few things in Lightroom. Almost forgot--I also enlarged the gulls.

  8. I replaced the sky with stars using Luminar 4. Using PS CS6, I cloned out the 2 people people in the image, desaturated the image, cropped a little, all to give the image a night image look. 1662143_43.jpg

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