Post Processing Challenge 8th April 2017.

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  1. Hi folks as nobody else has stepped forward I'm afraid it's me again. This is a as taken file just converted to a jpeg from a Fuji RAW file, and is the Royal Pavilion Brighton. It is still at camera resolution so plenty of pixels to play with.
    Royal Pavilion Brighton.jpg
  2. My Photoshop processes were: Perspective correction; U-Curve in sky (mid-tones pulled down); S-Curve; Clone out upper right roof; Darken blue in sky; Blur sky.

    My ON1 processes were: Tone enhancement; Color enhancement; Dynamic Contrast; Big Softy vignette.

    Domes Enhanced.jpg
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  3. Had two thoughts on this.

    1 was to "pop" it a bit. Did some work in Color Projects added some texture with Fractalius.


    The second was to make it more "Arabesque". Used Corel & Kaleidoscoped the image

  4. ppc 2.jpg
    I converted to black and white in SilverEfex in Photoshop CS5, using tonal contrast, a red filter to help bring out cloud detail, and sepia toning. Like Allyn, I used perspective correction. It bothered me that I could only see half of the first floor, so I cropped it out.
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  5. I like the original a lot—there’s a lot to play with here. I was particularly interested in the way the blues and whites worked together here, but the warm cast to the buildings distracted from that, so I decided to focus on adjusting the colors for the first version:
    All processing was done in Lightroom:

    1. Increased exposure 0.2 stops
    2. WB: slightly cooler temp and slightly more magenta tint
    3. increased contrast slightly (mostly to intensify the blues) and clarity a lot; opened shadows, increased white point; reduced highlights and black point
    4. Tone curve: increased contrast in lights to increase variation in clouds
    5. Straightened slightly, and rotated to keep central column vertical
    6. Cropped accordingly
    7. HSL: reduced luminance in blues, increased saturation in blues; reduced saturation a lot in oranges, yellows, and reds; moved blue hues slightly away from green
    8. With adjustment brush, removed clarity increase from most of the sky to soften the clouds
    9. Sharpened, while masking sky
  6. For the second version, I wanted to zero in on the part of the frame I found most interesting, but it took 6 different experimental crops to figure out which part that was—there’s a wealth of beautiful detail here. For this version, the major part of the effort was in bringing out the blues in the window reflections and in getting the perspective to look right.
    Here, too, all the processing is in Lightroom:

    1. I started with the previous version
    2. Used adjustment brush to increase contrast, shadows, saturation, and clarity on the balcony and windows, reduced temperature there slightly and increased tint there slightly (wanted to bring out blue in windows
    3. Further opened shadows, increased clarity, reduced temperature, and increased tint
    4. Started playing with vertical, horizontal, and rotation adjustments to get the perspective to feel right for the portion of the frame that I was interested in. Ended up with a little bit of tilt for the verticals (the view of the balcony indicates that we’re looking up, so the off-center verticals can’t be vertical), a rotation to make the center portion of my intended crop vertical, and a horizontal adjustment (+33) mostly to be able to get the crop I wanted.
    5. Cropped to square
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  7. Processed in Lightroom 5 - Auto vertical adjustement, Cropped, then worked on clouds using brush
    applied high sharpening, adjusted white balance -100 highlights, +48 shadows, -23 whites, -54 blacks, and +85 clarity, +69 vibrance
    to bring out details

  8. Started in Lightroom, corrected verticals, selective exposure, white & black points. opened in Silver Efex, applied Film Noir 1 preset, adjusted until happy, applied slight coffee tone.

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