Post Processing Challenge 11th November 2017

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by Gerald Cafferty, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Another weekly challenge.

    If anyone else would like to post next week please give it a go, upload a High resolution jpeg. Just indicate by Wednesday next in this thread if you are willing to try.

    Remember there are no rules you can do what you wish in your interpretation, but if you can give information of the steps taken and software used to add interest.
    It is not meant as a competition just a bit of fun.

  2. A try from a newbie....
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  3. First, I cropped from all sides except the right. I then decided to go with a high key approach. So, I made the necessary tonal adjustments in PSE15 using levels. At that point, I opted to covert the image to b&w in Silver Efex and used it also for further tonal and sharpness adjustments. Finally, I added the black border in Color Efex. 1483365_9314b14c506e5d79e62501a28940dbdccopy copy.jpg
  4. ppc.jpg
    I selected what I thought were the most interesting elements and cropped. Then I selected the middle background trees and used the "indian summer" filter in NIK to give them an autumnal look (Fred did similar?). I also cloned out the shadow of the road gate on the bridge plus a couple of other distracting small elements.
  5. Glenn, I too on several occasions to use the "Indian Summer" filter in Color Efex. Its use Usually provides a natural, organic, atmosphere.
  6. Michael - The Indian Summer" filter was a recent discovery for me, and I agree that it can provide a natural look to many photos with foliage. If I apply it to the whole of Gerald's image, the grass in the foreground turns brown!, so I needed to select only background trees for it's application.
  7. Cropped in LR. Used NIK for Detail Extractor filter and then added Tonal Contrast. 1483365_9314b14c506e5d79e62501a28940dbdc.jpg
  8. Tread carefully, oh wayfaring stranger! secretlifeofbridges.jpg
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  9. Cropped and basic adjustments in LR. Opened in Analog Efex Pro, used a Wet Plate Camera effect which was adjusted to the result seen.
    The canal, locks and bridges date from the 1770's before photography. My attempt is an imagining of what an early photographer may have produced.

  10. GC, I have an image to post for the next challenge. If someone else has beat me to the punch, that's ok.
  11. Hi Michael, I was just looking for a suitable image but it will keep so you go for it. I look forward to seeing your choice................GC.
  12. GIMP: curves to boost colors and contrast, crop, light USM. I struggled with the crop on this one, but I am really happy with the bottom left corner now. I think it adds to the overall diagonal composition.

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