Post processed abstract photography

Discussion in 'Abstract' started by ajhingel, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. B&W
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  2. pixel rustling
  3. Color push
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  4. Color distortion, custom white balance and crop.
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  5. )---):>
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  6. .,.
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  7. Interesting abstract, Glenn. I like it.
    How was that made ?
  8. Anders - thanks. I started with the image below, which has some abstract possibilities. Then I inverted the image in Photoshop CS5, converted to black and white in NIK silver Efex Pro, and then substituted colors for gray in narrow luminosity ranges, with area regions chosen using the magic wand. Probably a few other steps that I can not recall, and I did not save the PS file. Oh, and I added the smile to what looks like a face on the right hand side. I could probably not reproduce the result very closely. The result kinda reminds me of a Miro print that I have.
  9. I find it well done.
    If I had noticed the "smile" as a smile, I'm not sure I would have appreciated it.
  10. Perhaps a smile was gilding the lily :)
  11. Composited 4 photos of mobile components
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  12. Lantana flowers
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  13. Michael, personally, i like your composite abstractalthough the green colour hurts my eye.

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