Post a random image that is on your phone...

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  1. Just post a random image that is on your phone right now.
  2. Oregon coast.
  3. I would if I knew how to get it off the phone.
  4. Dieter, do you have a smartphone? Android or iPhone?
  5. From the other day while I was shooting some DSLR video at an event. That's a D3200 with a Zacuto Junior finder and a 17-55/2.8 on an Opteka shoulder rig, with a Sennheiser wireless transmitter plugged into an Azden shotgun mic. That was a long day!
  6. @Josh, no, just a dumb phone. There's an option "upload to album" (which with my current plan likely incurs a charge) - and then I would have to go hunting as to where said album might actually be located (likely somewhere on my account with the carrier). Never had a reason to try this out so far!
  7. Michigan Upper Peninsula - direct from phone except for resizing.
  8. Gourds at the market.
  9. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Quebec City juggler.
  10. Taken this weekend in the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco.
  11. I thought I knew how to get it off my phone...
  12. [​IMG][/IMG]
    my angry kitten,definately hasnt got the awww factor
    samsung galaxy wonder
  13. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    San Francisco Sunrise.
  14. Autumn in Chivasso's hills (Italy, Turin)
  15. iPhone 4S
  16. This is a portrait that I did with my iPhone 4S for this harvest season -

    Portrait for the Harvest Offering
  17. A photo from the "iPhone Photo Adventure" (TM) iPhone imaging workshop I taught Sunday in Iowa...
  18. Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, on a rather foggy morning. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and this was from the first batch...
    Incidentally, Wollaton Hall was Wayne Manor in the latest Batman film.
  19. Moon over Kodak
  20. tew


    Ok, I have an iPhone.... How do I
    upload a pix?
  21. Tracey, here's a link for the Nikon Wednesday threads that tells you had to do it.
    I think you can also include the image in the actual post by clicking on the "insert/edit image icon" at the top of the post box. Also, I'm assuming that, in order to display the image rather than a link, the file size needs to be under 700 pixels on the long side and under 300kb total.
  22. Took my friend's Honda out for a Sunday cruise in Montana.
    HTC Thunderbolt.
  23. Here goes nothing...
  24. Nope. Must upgrade to iOS6 first...
  25. heres one i took last week!..
  26. Quebec City 'breakfast place'. Hipstamatic.
  27. Following photos taken with an HTC One X
    Dolan Falls near Devils River State Natural Area, Texas
    Arenosa Campground at Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas.
  28. During my daily hike recently, I came across these delicate wild flowers, all neatly arranged in a semi-circle. Out came my GalaxySII.
  29. This is a photo I took while backpacking in Cinque Terre, Italy!
  30. Cloud shot with my Samsung Galaxy SII and the Hipsteroku Retro Camera app.
    Ended up almost painting-ish :)


    Hope you like it.
  31. [​IMG]
    First try.
  32. My girl at the krokodile restaurant.
    Made with my nokia N8 - Retromatic software
  33. [​IMG]
    Straight out of the phone photo I took of my son when we were eating lunch at the Thai restaurant. iphone 4s
  34. ozzy by htc amaze 4g
  35. Morning diner...
  36. Well, that didn't work. Man, I hate posting from a phone! Morning diner again...
  37. Silver Dummies
    Samsung Galaxy S3

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