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  1. I am going to start off by cheating. First a pic of our friends chocolab named Sadie:
    [​IMG] And now a pic of our goldendoodle named Charlie:
  2. </a>
    <B>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!</b> Don't you know that the crazy cat people will take over any 'pet' related threads! You have to name a tread "DAWZ ONLY!" or "Ferret Fotoz!" Open invites will bury us in photos of the feline persuasion...
  3. Well the wife won't let me have them but I like kitties too, so welcome feline persuaded posters! ;-)
  4. I see this thread cause Matt to break out the HTML code... LOL Here is SAM, Sound asleep... [​IMG]
  5. Cats, dogs... tropical fish I've killed (accidentally, of course!)... When I get home y'all are gonna HATE this thread! I'll post them (in supersize, because I'll forget to scale them back for those without 24" monitors).

    And THEN I'll start a "Whose kid is cutest?" thread.
  6. NO! Abe, please don't do THAT! Cats, I can understand... miscellaneous other creatures too... but please, NO parasitic vermin...

    cute? ... there goes the social life...

    my friends all popped out a few of these each, and It's been absolute "hell". We all used to go out at night... now, the idea of parties seem to all be kid friendly...

    Please... cat pictures, yes. kid pictures, no please no- more!....

  7. my mom's dog/surrogate child.
  8. Shot with K1OOO... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Javier - I accidently busted the code too.. oops.. it looks like when we finally get to meet up our dogs are going to get to play too... Nice shots!

    Bailee looks like a real sweet dog. I want to reach in there and grab his cheeks!
  10. <img src="">
  11. Madam, taken by the darling woman of the house a few years ago with an early Optio...Not the best shot ever, but I've always liked it...
  12. ahem...this forum sometimes annoys me :)
  13. that's a great first kitty shot for the thread... ;-)
  14. Oh, my last try - I swear I followed all the rules... Nice animal shots guys, surprising lack of cats though ;)
  15. Sorry Todd, I spent about 10mins searching for it just to correct matters...what's a pet thread without a cat? (no, on second thoughts don't answer that)
  16. I am a cat person but my Sons allergies to cats prevent us from having one. here's our Black Lab Rot mix.
  17. Yeah... Allergies suck. I had to give up the worlds two best cats ever to marry my woman because of her allergies...

    Dave you serve a beautiful King Charlie.
  18. This is Feema, as she currently looks. In a month I am going to have her shaved, due to the fact that she's got some really hideous mats that are at the point where they can't be combed out or cut out with scissors. Shaving a cat... that should be interesting. Who am I kidding; I'm scared!
  19. Mr. Mackee in the middle of a bath.
  20. Bathing is very complicated.
  21. ATTACK OF THE ALBINO LADYBUGS! Not really; their shells changed color after being trapped inside a light fixture for a year.
  22. Babe the cockatiel.
  23. Lenore (background) and Manhattan (foreground).
  24. Few days ago while at the zoo my 5 year old daughter asked if she could have this for a pet:


    (we will be looking for a puppy next weekend :)
  25. Well, here are my kids say I love my dogs more than them, which should tell you how spoiled rotten they are.
  26. Andy,

    I have had Iguana's, Chinese Water Dragons and a variety of other Lizards. They are great to have. Your Daughter being 5 years old you will be doing all the work on the tank
  27. Javier, nice Oscars Here is my Dempsey
  28. Todd,

    Are you still with the Woman?
  29. R.T. You have quite an amazing arsenal there. Feema looks like she is going to majorly kick your !@# when you attempt that shaving! There is no doubt you will be running for your life! All your photos are incredible and those ladybugs look like they'd be good salad topping! j/k

    Andy that dude makes me want to ask if I can bring my camera into the local pet store down the street. He has some amazing exotic reptiles and birds in there... I saw one that looked a lot like this one..

    Alisa your kids are beautiful.
  30. Christopher: yeah, it was a hard but good trade.. Been hitched with the woman almost 13 years.
  31. Then it was worth it Todd. Its not like the damn cats cook or clean or....well you know... is it... lol
  32. There really is NO comparison... My woman is amazing and incomparable and it was the best decision I ever made... These have been the happiest years of my life, and when I need a kitty fix, I just go find one on the street... (She may read this someday and I have to cover my bases)... :)
  33. wait.. finding kitties fixes on the street.. that could be read wrong.. hmmm :)
  34. LOL Todd

    I am from NYC...I know what you mean
  35. 17 years old and still somewhat frisky...
  36. Kali, in her early days at our house (before we uncovered her "behavioral abnormalities"
  37. Junko, in his younger days...
  38. Here's one of mine.
  39. The other one.
  40. @Rose: You (apparently)have no children - I have no pets.<p>Just remember, in 10 or 15 years you get to laugh when your friends are paying for college.<p>NO parties for an entire decade.
  41. Todd, I've never heard of a goldendoodle...I bet that's one sweet dog!

    Loving the pet pics, people! Rose, where are your kitties?
  42. Yeah he's a sweet dood, and smart. Real gentle perfect dog for our family.. We got into the poodle hybrids because they are nonshedding aka good for allergy sufferers...
  43. Well I guess I should post some of my pets, who should I start with Ya peanut AKA (Charles Winchester the 3rd , fat cat & butt tuck)
  44. Here?s Mindy AKA (little mow, pinky, Minder& kinky)
  45. Hermione, Remus, and Pearl
  46. Wonder why my photo is showing as a link even though it's within the displayable size.
  47. Cindy AKA ( fuzz, furball & perishes)
  48. Tucker AKA( fudge, Big brown *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* & horse)
  49. Maggie AKA ( baggy, pup)
  50. & last Jessie AKA ( Sassy , cutie pie)
  51. Ian & Mike - you have to give the pics a caption or you only get links. why? who knows.
    think of it as exercising the random creativity part of your brain. i HATE naming pics.

    Goldendoodle. That's funny. is it really part golden retriever? Looks EXACTLY like our
    apricot poodle. At this very minute, she's barely recognizable as a dog, more of a teacup
    lamb, since she hasn't had a haircut since Sept. I know, I know, bad owners. But the poor
    thing gets COLD!!! This is the 1st winter in 7 that she did NOT spend from Oct - May under
    our 4 layers of blankets!
  52. I know I should post one of my beauties - but I didn't take any pictures of them this past week - (it's all about posting new stuff...)
  53. Yeah Charlie is a quarter golden retriever. Usually they are more 50/50 but his mom was full poodle and the day was a typical 50/50 golden doodle. This is the way they breed some to get them to shed even less, but still have some of the traits of the golden retriever.
  54. Taylor - my wife's cat. I moved in despite allergies, and don't regret it a minute.
  55. I don't have any cute pics, just swimming pics. Franklin is a Portuguese Water Dog.

    <img src="" />
  56. Whoa, COOL picture Brad!
  57. Hey, How do I add a photo to this thread?
  58. Here's one of my late puppy Krunch. After 14 years I lost her back in December. Not quite ready for another pup yet.
  59. The most faithful of our pets, the ever-vigilant Warren the Watchcat.
    Never complains about anything.
  60. Not my dog, but I had to post something
  61. OK, Andrew wins...He captured the essence of this thread and showed his ''pet'' cat behaving like a cat...
    Nice image....
  62. In the cat behaving like a cat department, my vote if for either of RT's shots of Mr. Mackee bathing himself. ;-)
  63. Roger, Krunch looks like she gave you 14 fun loving years. Beautiful dog.

    I really like Ian's shot of F, err Tucker... Beautiful dog and great shot!
  64. Javier: Pet photography sure is tough. They won't sit still--always moving about, looking one way then the other, unnerved by the noises and lights that cameras emit. I'll add 'patience' to Warren's many positive attributes.
  65. I've loved all the pet pics - but I have to admit - my favorite is "big guy" - He's sooooo cute all curled up, and protecting the sink like that. :D
  66. Patrick, that pic would look awesome hanging in my bathroom... your wall color matches mine. :) I don't suppose you'd give me a copy? :)
  67. Joseph - one of Swiss artist Bruno Weber's wild pet

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