Possible F2 Shutter Problem?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by spanky, May 6, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Below are some examples of a camera issue I've been getting of late with my F2. Notice on the top edge of the frame there is a strip of thinner density then the rest of the negative. This is appearing on a number of different films and different developers I'm using. I've pretty much ruled out developing errors due to the fact that I recently shot a roll of color and had a lab process and make prints and sure enough, the same effect was noticable on a few shots. It doesn't happen every shot though. I'm going to put a test roll through and record the shutter speeds for each frame to see what happens. Then again perhaps it might be something else? It always seems to be at the top edge of vertical shots and on the right side on horizontal shots. Any ideas?
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  2. That looks like the shutter blind dragging - it will be worst at higher speeds. It looks like it needs a service.
  3. ok, it may be a long shot but worth a try i guess... how did you produce these pictures? are they direct scans of negatives or scans of optical prints? occasionally i see something very similar, identical in fact, when i scan a negative strip in my film scanner--it's always on the side of the film door, probably a light leak of some sort or a dirty scanner mirror. the lower density band is not there on film, nor have i ever seen it in a wet print

    (here's how i satisfied myself that it's a scan artifact, not a negative problem: when i produced a scan with the band on one side, i flipped the neg in the scanner and the band miraculously migrated to the opposite side of the picture, ha! :))
  4. Yeah, the position of the item on the horizontal shots means that it is the left side of the frame *in camera, at the film gate*. This side is where the shutter begins its movement. Darker images on print mean under exposure, which mean faster shutter speed, so this means the 2nd curtain travel is starting too quick. Shutter adjustment is in your future! Check out Sover Wong, world's very best F2 mechanic, other competent camera repair should be able to do it as well but Sover is the very best.
  5. Thanks for the replies. These are darkroom prints that I scanned on my less then ideal scanner. The are un-manipulated although in the case of the 11:21 example I printed rather dark to show the effect better since I do lose (and gain) some particulars when scanning.
    My F2 was serviced by Sover Wong back in Aug or Sept. I sent to him for an overhaul shortly after purchasing the body at a camera show. If I'm correct it has a year warranty but I'm not sure if this covers the $90 or so in shipping costs. I'll have a look and see what the test roll I shot today looks like and then contact Sover.
  6. Hey, well it is a mechanical device, things so slow or fast. Good idea to cycle thru the shutter speeds every month to keep them on. My Soverized F2 is spot on after 4-5 years, but I tend to use it quite a bit.
    Also if you can see it on the raw neg then its in camera, you also might want to check the set up of the enlarger, the rim of the neg holder could have a slight shiny bit which adds a bit of exposure to the print.
  7. Thanks Christiaan. Yes, it shows up on the negs when I look at them on the light table. I shoot about 1-2 rolls a week roughly. I've haven't dropped the camera or anything like that. Hopefully my test roll will provide some answers.

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