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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Sandy Vongries, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. . "I have my trusty PN lifejacket on whenever I'm here. Besides, I'm figuring Leo DiCaprio will save me" Sam Stevens

    Don't you worry Sam, your bested mate Allen will save you, you won't need for that Leo DiCaprio. Having swam the English channel 11 times, the Atlantic Ocean 4 times, you will be safe and sound with me.

    We will be soaking the Sun in Hawaii, before you know it.. ,together.

    Bet you are so excited you can't wait;;)
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  2. Surely, you jest! And don't ever call me Shirley!!
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  3. Well I think that the problems have started , When I tried to log-in I received the message "Invalid security certificate - Security certificate has expired on 18-October-2021". I had to overide to enable to log-in.
    Has anyone else seen this ?.
  4. Yes, I saw that as well but the certificate had expired a few times in the past.
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  5. my Kaspersky told me this morning that photo.net is not a secure site. If I want to continue it is under my responsibility. I continue for the moment.
  6. Same here.
  7. The notice continues but I have no problem logging in and continuing to collaborate
  8. argh

    argh Administrator Staff Member

    New certificate installed, sorry about that!
  9. Thanks very much
  10. I'm glad to see that it's back. I too was getting warnings about the certificate.
    Swim the English channel? I used to be able to swim the length of a pool!:)
  11. Thank you.
  12. Cool

    I was thinking it was "goodnight Vienna"
  13. Glad to see it back!
  14. Thanks for your timely correction of an annoying issue. By any chance, are you an employee of, or contracting with, Fiverr? This would make for a good omen.

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