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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Sandy Vongries, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Reading the business model and offerings of Fiverr, it's tough to see how Pnet. fits into their concerns, unless their accountant needs a loss leader category.
    I'm just hoping to see it continue to exist before one day it just isn't. At least some warning to allow planning for us wishing to continue would be great.
  2. Maybe we should wait a bit, to find out what is going on, first, before redesigning the world around us to suit assumptions?
  3. Charlie Wilson's War
    QG has it - we'll see
  4. And, because the boy couldn’t go to war, the war was lost. And all the townspeople, including the passively impotent zen master, were killed.
  5. It's being so cheerful that keeps you going:)
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  6. I dont think it’s cheerful or not. I think the people making suggestions in this thread should be applauded for their proactivity and for thinking and trying to plan ahead rather than being told to wait and see. My point in continuing the story to a bad outcome is that waiting and seeing is not always as sober or successful a position as it’s made out to be … and fictional zen masters aren’t always the best guides.
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  7. Point taken but do you think taking part and posting to this thread will help. I am and have been a paid up member for many years and I have a serious concern for the future (If I get through Covid and all the other things queuing up to see me off). If you can tell me a practical alternative to waiting and see please let me know.
  8. See David Triplett, Hector Javkin, and Mike Morrell suggestions above. Those may not offer perfect solutions, but they’re reasonable enough to consider and a good start to proactive thought.

    Waiting may very well mean that one day you’ll try to log on and it will simply be gone. Anyone using the site as actual storage for photos they don’t have access to elsewhere (a very bad idea, but one I’ve heard people talk about) might want to make other arrangements. Given the behavior of site owners in recent years, communicating to us in advance of closing the doors has a low probability. Even if the site stays active, if a member or group of members could put together a reasonable and better-functioning alternative, I’d support that in a heartbeat.
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  9. I’d miss the NW threads (and a few discussions) which could easily be replicated in a Flickr group.
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  10. "Watchful waiting" isn't an option; in fact, there aren't any options. PN is a fossil from the Pre-Cambrian days of the internet. Been here in several guises since '97 and see little reason to cling to what doesn't work in 2021. Provided all find seats in the lifeboats, then it's off to a new PN-ish landfall--maybe several in future. Instagram and even sluggish ol' Flickr give 'em what they want now. PN used to be fun. Not so much now.
  11. I just love the old time 50's.

    A freshness.

  12. Who knows, PN as is could profitable through paid membership.
  13. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... I'd be willing to pay
    25 bananas a year...
  14. Doubt it. There don't seem to be that many active participants. My hobbies tend to rotate every few years. I was active many years ago and remember "the good old days." Then I didn't do much for a long time. Now I'm back again, but in all honesty it's no longer a site I'd pay for. No doubt the hobbies will rotate away again.
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  15. The "No Words" forum seems to be unique on the Internet.
    I cannot find anything else that compares , The Lomo site seems to be the only one that comes close.
    All other forums that I have found are "Too Serious".
    I would hate to see the "NW" forum go.
  16. If the owner has any brains, photo.net will not cease to exists - it drives way too much internet traffic to be worthless.
    Try google any photographic subject, and there will most likely be a photo.net result in the top 10 - and that is even though Google gives lower priority to online forum contents in their search results.

    With Apple having given their users the ability to opt out of ad tracking cookies across sites, there may even be a revival of add-revenues on forums with homogeneous demographics, but the real value of photo.net would probably be defined by the owners ability to see (and nurture) synergies - CreativeLive probably saw the possibility of selling their training on photo.net, but I think they mistakingly thought they could just harvest customers without nurturing the community.

    I may be proven wrong, but I don't worry that photo.net will disappear in the near future.
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  17. Another buyer?!?

    Initially I liked the idea of as many current members of PN as possible buying the site. But, once the actual site maintenance gets old, what happens then? My thought is that we send a letter to the next buyer, signed by as many members as possible, which lays out our priorities for the site's continuance. The buyer's response, if there is one, should determine whether we abandon ship.
  18. The buyer's response or lack of one won't determine much for me. I'll assess things based on how the site is run. I doubt I'll completely abandon ship until it sinks. I have my trusty PN lifejacket on whenever I'm here. Besides, I'm figuring Leo DiCaprio will save me. Oh ... wait. :eek:
  19. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Somewhere I saw that PhotoNet earns in the neighborhood of $500 a month. I guess that would be enough to pay the bills but I don't think it would be much of an incentive for a business of any size to continue the effort. I could be wrong. Regards.

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