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  1. I've got a bride who is 5ft without heels on, and a groom who is 6ft 2in - they
    are obviously aware of their height differences (I took some portraits of them
    where the bride sat on the grooms lap to balance things up a bit) but would
    appreciate any tips for posing them together that can show off the fact she is
    wearing a stunning dress.

    I know I can do things like bride in the foreground, groom in the background so
    the height difference is less obvious but any ideas on how to pose them best
    standing next to each other?
  2. Do some Prince Charming shots with him kneeling in front of her holding or kissing her extended hand. Have him sit in a chair with her standing behind him wrapping her arms around his shoulders, faces close to one another. Have him hold her in his arms. Also, don't shy away from the fact that there is the difference. You might make a funny three paneled image with the first shot of them standing side by side near a short outside garden wall with her trying to reach up to kiss him, next panel he is standing on the wall with her looking even more unhappy, and the last with her on the wall able to look directly in his eyes and kiss him. Campy but fun.
  3. Don't forget stairs. You can have her higher with her dress/train coming around her and flowing downwards. Him a couple of steps down to balance things, but he can still look taller than her. You shoot down on them and up as well. Really nice with a circular staircase.

    You could have him hold her in his arms too.
  4. Yep, I would also say stairs for shots of them standing next to each other in approximately the same plane. I would have the groom stand with one foot down on the step behind the bride, and one foot up on the same step she is on so he can lean into the same plane she is in. The have her snuggle up to him. Depending on the step, could take off 6 inches from the groom. Only thing is, try to avoid having his bent knee cover her dress. You may have to shoot from an angle.
  5. I have used a stool for the bride to stand on if it is going to be an image that doesn't show their feet.
  6. This is just one quick sample from ingagement.
  7. It could be something they really like about each other, so dont try to hard to hide it! And also I would say 99% of brides wear heels (otherwise those dress alterations get too expensive!) So that atleast will cover 2-3 inches on the spread! But I would say all the suggestions above are great especially Rich's with the staircase idea, it will create balance but wont hide who they are!
  8. you can try this...
  9. you can have him spread his legs and her on tip toes (or not) This will bring him down a bit. Also you can bring a posing block. Or just get creative, the other posters all had awesome ideas. Don't forget about off-setting, have her stand close to you and put him in the background.
  10. You might try one pose where you leave his face out of the shot on purpose -- just use
    him as a backdrop and focus on her! Obviously wouldn't work for more than a couple of
    shots, but I think his dark suit would set off her dress and it would emphasize how big he
    is and how small she is.

    It's things like this that make life beautiful, and as someone above said, they probably like
    the difference : )

    Best of luck!
  11. this is a photo of a very tall groom and a ery short bride I shot, I cropped in close to hide it.

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