Posing Rules for Wedding Photography - At the Reception

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by timberwolf|1, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Have you developed any particular visual placement rules or
    'posing rules' for the taking of any photos at weddings receptions? Do you have any examples or your work? .
  2. Do you just "let the wedding run" without any styling or censorship or personal involvement?
    About 99% of the time, yes. On occasion, someone might be doing something to "show off" for the crowd, and I'll encourage and give them minor direction so I can catch it from more than one angle (perhaps one with the focus on the individual and others featuring the crowd's reaction as well).
    Here's an example of the groom goofing off at the reception after the ice sculpture (a pickup truck) had been taken outside to melt. I, and several others, were encouraging him.
  3. While there are a few poses at the reception (like the cake cutting), 98% of what I hunt for is the very moment of true feelings. Ya gotta be perceptive, and ya gotta be quick.
  4. ...and Passion.
  5. Marc, "Bride dancing with Dad" is a nice grab!
  6. I do some groups at the reception, but I try to keep it fun. (I have some good examples but the bride has those negatives right now :-(

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