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Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by jack_mcvicker, Apr 14, 2000.

  1. The Agfa European Portrait & Wedding compeition has finalised and the results are to be seen at www.agfaphoto.com/gallery/eurofaces/index.html


    The classic wedding shots are in the minority and the 'candid' takes precedence. The number of 'formal' portraits is surprising, well worth a look.




  2. All of the photos were interesting, although I have to admit, I felt
    like I was flipping through a Corbis stock book at the same time. Only
    a few seemed to have that personal, as well as professional, touch: the
    wide-angle of the couple in the convertible, the military guy and his
    wife, with the kids peeking through the door next to them, and the
    really nice shot of the couple running past a fountain. Can't decide
    if I liked the girl with the Coke can in the picture or not -- detracts
    from the couple but seems to save it from being a commercial-type

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