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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yaakov_asher_sinclair, Oct 7, 1997.

  1. I need to buy a small studio lighting setup.
    I would be interesed to hear comments on:
    Multiblitz 200 and 400 setups.
    Prolinca 250/400
    Bowens Esprit and
    Portability is a definite advantage.
    I'm concerned that the small Multiblitz might be too small for flexibility, even though most of the work would be portraits.
    The multiblitz is cheaper. Is it well-made?
    Thanks a lot.
  2. I own a Multiblitz Profilite Compact 300 system (the 200 and 400 are little bit newer, the 400 is about the same size). These studio lights are good to carry and doesn't need a good power supply (about 500 Watt/light). I use them also with medium format (Mamiya RB) and have no problems with lightpower. I have different accessoires (standard reflectors, spots, honeycomb, backgroundreflectors and umbrellas). All this equipment is very small and easy to carry. Also you can do a lot more than portrait and beauty shots. They are well made and a really good choice.
  3. Dear Yaakov,
    None of the above.
    Those monoheads are powerful, fragile and too expensive. I struggled with this same question. I settled for a Novatron 440 plus and one head.Total cost was $470 at the Great A camera Store in Chicago (they are on the net) Incredible power! Compact and really well built. The Novatron heads are really light and compact. Mono heads get top heavy, hot and can fall over if you load em up with too much stuff. The Novatron is actually cheaper because if you want more than one monolight you have to buy a whole new monolight. Where as with the Novatron you just buy another head, a lot cheaper. A 1000 watt second Novatron with two or three heads will easily light up a cathedral.
    Rent first to see what you like. Good shooting!
  4. Of the brands you mentioned, I would select Elinchrome. Flexibility and reliability would be the deciding factors. However, if White Lighting is available in your location, or can be adapted to your location, (120 or 220 volt?), they are also good, inexpensive units.

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