portrait lighting... possible with tilt/swiveled 420ex bounced off a reflector??

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by jmublueduck (aim), Nov 24, 2002.

  1. I'm soon going to dabble in the field of studio light, but I'm also thinking what I
    can do with my current equipment before spending the bucks for true studio

    I use a D60, 28-135, 100 f/2, & 50 f/1.8, plus a 420ex speedlite. To enter the
    realm of portrait photography WITHOUT the on-camera flash look (bounced or
    not), I'm wondering how the INEXPENSIVE setup of the 420ex swiveled 90+
    degrees, angeled up, and bounced off a reflector would work for a more
    dramatic look.

    what are your opinions? I don't own a reflector; I'm just hypothesizing here. of
    course in an ideal world I'd invest in monolights, etc... BUT I don't want to
    spend that much... yet. I need to see how serious I'll get into portrait work first,
    b/c studio gear can get pricey fast.

    I'd likely do work in the range of 1/2-body shots to headshots...

  2. I would advise you to buy a 550EX. This way you'll have an E-TTL fully wireless two-light setup (and you can control the lights' ratio). I've shot portraits using a 550EX and a 420EX -- generally 550EX stays near the camera (off-shoe cord isn't too long) and provides fill bounced off something handy, while the 420EX serves as a main light, usually bounced into an umbrella.

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