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  1. I recently got back a A-1 that was barrowed about 20 years ago, I have the 50 1.4 on but was wanting to add a couple nice portrait lens. what's your suggestions?
  2. Depends what you have to spend. Cheapest a 135 f3.5 or a zoom f3.5 up to fast 80's 85's 100
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  3. The first fd lens I bought with my own money was the BL f1.8, 85mm. Loved the photos of my friends i took with it. Gave great perspective and DOF whether close up or whole body length. I've since purchased an 85mm, f1 2L but haven't really taken any portraits to compare with the 1.8...
  4. The FD 85 f1.8 would be great, but they seem to be selling for $350 or more. The FD 100 f2 seems to be selling for outrageous amounts on eBay (like $1,500+). I Owned the FD 100 F2.8 for many years and thought it was a sharp lens, and they are also available for a more reasonable amount.
  5. Can't go wrong with the FD 100/2.8.
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  6. This post got me curious about FD lens prices so I checked out KEH (haven'tlooked for a few years). WTH is going on with FD prices??!!? 85mm, f1.8, BL lenses used to go for less than $100. $500 for UG rated lenses? Are the cinematic lens conversions driving the prices?
  7. Depends on what YOU consider a portrait, and what lens you need for that.

    Back in the film days, for head and shoulder, it was a Nikon 105.

    But it really depends on how big the group (number of people), how tight the shot (full length to tight face), and how far you are from the subject.
    Environmental portraits are wider, to include whatever environment or object the subject wants in the pic.

    I've used from 24mm up to 300mm.
    I did an indoor multi-person family portrait with a 24. My back was literally up against the wall. If I had a 20 I would have used it.
    I shot a portrait across a fish pond, with a 300.
  8. If you don't mind manual aperture as well as manual focus, you can get one of the best short teles (portrait lens) ever made for not much money used.

    I am talking the Nikkor-P non-AI 105mm f/2.5 around $80. A Nikon>Canon FD adapter for about $13. You can meter through the lens too.

    You can pay more than this for the adapter, but there's no glass in the adaptors, so no image degradation
  9. I had an FD 100mm F/4 macro lens, never used it for portraits but they don't seem to be too expensive. It would also do macro of course.
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  10. Just bought one on Evilbay £114 delivered. A 100mm f2.8. UNFORTUNATLY all my camera gear including my F1 New and A1 are in storage at my sisters (had to clear up the flat. All my strobes all my MF cameras and my V600) So to still get my fix I bought a Canon 7D MkII (with two year warranty) with grip and Sigma 18 200 OKAY NOT THE LATEST AND GREATEST But boy what a camera espeically foi sports and wildlife 10 FPS WOW and quiet too. Need to get my gear back.
  11. I think what is driving the prices up is the young hipsters using the vintage lenses on digital cameras via an adaptor. My two cents worth.
  12. SCL


    So, Mark,(OP) what did you get?

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