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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by roger_k, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Hello all,

    I finally got my first gig. My equipment is as follows: Pentax ZX-
    5N, Pentax 80-200mm/ 4.7, Pentax 50mm, Photoflex 42" gold/silver
    reflector. I am shooting at around 3pm when the sun is very hot and
    sunny. There is a park with alot of trees that can provide diffused
    lighting. The girl is from Thailand and she has a yellowish/brown
    skin tone. What type of film is best for skin tones outside.

    What type of film is best for outdoor portraits when the sun is very
    harsh. I have been reading the boards and alot of people recommend
    Fuji NPH or Portra. Also what speed should I try? Please help, the
    shoot is on Monday @ 3pm and I don't want to screw up.
  2. jt


    Fuji Reala 100 is good
  3. Reala, NPS or NPH. Depends on what speed you need. But don't expect miracles from any film under bad light.

    Your ability to control the lighting is going to matter more than the film. Try to locate your shooting where you can control the lighting, use the reflector for fill, etc.
  4. Is the lab you use Kodak or Fuji based? Pick NPH or
    Portra NC accordingly. I tend to use Portra more since it
    looks great on Kodak paper, but it's fine with Fuji paper too.

    I tend to slightly over-expose by setting the film speed to
    320 if using 400 speed film.
  5. I also slant my film choice to what type of lab I'm using. Kodak shop / Portra NC or Portra UC. Fuji Shop / NPH or Reala.

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