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  1. I wonder if the photographer work at specific company or brand for portrait business or work by themselves and then get portrait session request from the company or brand.
  2. All of the above. Some brands have in-house studio's, some ad agencies have a studio that they use for clients, there are independent photography studio's and independent photographers. A brand may have an in-house studio but occasionally go outside for specific projects. A photographer may work independently but also shoot for a studio.
    I did all of the above. My first consistent paid work was picking up and delivering film for a processor which led to shooting product stuff (weekly ads) for one of our customers at night which led to creative product work which led to fashion (weekly ads) which led to creative fashion, portraits, and similar work. I also did a lot of film compositing and animation (Marron-Carrol) along the way... Sometimes you have to pay the bills and hone your skills with whatever work is available.
  3. In our current world, there is great competition among portrait photographers. Make your portrait work stand out and above that of the others. Let your work be seen, and let your availability to make outstanding portraits be known. If your heart is really in it, DO NOT GIVE UP!

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