Portra 400NC vs Fuji Pro 400H

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by craig_sander, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Which film has finer grain?
    Its hard to compare the two companies when Kodak uses a different scale for grain on their color negative films than Fuji does.
    Is there any way to do the conversion from RMS to whatever it is Kodak uses?
  2. I've used both in 120 and 135 and they are very similar, maybe the 400NC is a bit finer grained in my scans but it wouldn't be my main buying decision.
    What is very different and is my main buying decision is the look of each film, the 400H being a lot more contrastier and with more vivid colours. It really should be compared to 400VC, with the 400H being more green and the 400VC more orange in look, or at least that's how my scans end up looking.
  3. Fineness of grain is a difficult question. Why not try each and see which you like?
  4. The grain between the two is very, vey similar. I like the way in which Fuji scans over the Portra. The biggest differenc really for me is how Kodak is a bit stronger to the magenta, and Fuji to the green/blue. This difference alone is more apparent than any grain difference, even at 11x14 from 35mm.
  5. The grain in skies in the latest 400NC-3 is noticeably smoother than the prior versions.
    According to Kodak's measurements, High Definition 400 has lower grain than Portra 400NC or 400VC. Surprising, as it's a "premium" consumer film that Kodak never has really figured out how to market.
  6. Today i took in two person in my studio and photographed them. One with Portra 160 NC and one with Fuji 400H. So folks can you see which is what?
  7. My guess is Fuji #1, Kodak #2.
    Do I get lolipop?
  8. Yes, a lolipop is the contest worh. The answer will come in a PM
  9. Gonna let us in on the secret Erik?
  10. Jupp, the guess was correct:)
  11. The Kodak film is always a tad warmer and more magenta....it came through here as well.
  12. Portra 160 NC. Is the perfect film for me in the C41 range.
  13. I recently shot a roll of 35mm Portra 400 and 120 400H. I say that I prefer the Kodak as the colours had a lot more pop to them. Even though they were processed and scanned at the lab, so they SHOULD have the same variables, I like the Portra results more. I found the skin tones more appealing on the Portra as well.

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