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  1. http://www.dlcfe.ie/11ECART14.html
    What are peoples thoughts on the above course? Currently have no portfolio and am looking to build on one for say, a year down the line. Need to be working at the moment and this one looks appealing...I know it's a bit light but better than nothing?
    Appreciate any feedback, thanks.
  2. From just reading that description it doesn't sound like the course has anything at all to do with a portfolio.
    "Need to be working"? On what, exactly? You need to first identify what kind of photographer you are before you can even begin to work on a meaningful portfolio. If you aspire to be a newspaper photographer, you'll need 20 images of which 10 should be a combination of spot news, portraits, features, and sports. The remaining 10 should be from an extended documentary photo essay on an issue or subject that matters to you personally.
    An aspiring wildlife photographer will want to approach the portfolio in a completely different way. If you need a portfolio to apply for an internship at someplace specific, they will sometimes have their own requirements as to what they want to see. This is the main reason why freelance photographers usually maintain several different portfolios.
    So what is it that you are trying to do with your portfolio?

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