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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by G-P, Mar 2, 2018.

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    Portfolio Comments have returned! Let us know your thoughts on their placement - desktop and mobile, thank you Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.31.46 PM.png .
  2. I don't see how to get to the page you've linked to, that is, MY portfolio page. When I go up to my avatar at the top of this page and click on Portfolio, if I choose COMMENTS, I get a blank page that says there are no comments (I know I have many portfolio comments). If I click PHOTOS, I'm taken to a very different looking page, which seems to default to all my photos coming up as thumbnails.
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  4. Ahh, I just figured it out. When I go up to the avatar above, I have to click on MY PROFILE as opposed to PORTFOLIO.

    So, first, let me thank you for the return of these comments. It's nice to have them back and I appreciate the work that went into it.

    But I hope you can see that this exercise shows just how hard it is to understand and navigate PN2.0. Even you referred to them as PORTFOLIO comments, which is exactly what they are. Yet the link we have to go to under our avatar is the PROFILE link, which on most websites is comprised of one's personal information, not comments on ones portfolio. I would never think of going to PROFILE to find portfolio comments. I'm sorry to say that PN2.0 is riddled with such navigation confusions, making it very tough to navigate the site and find things without an incredible amount of frustration. If you're in one place and click on something, it takes you to a different place than if you're in another place and click on something that seems quite similar. Vocabulary and labeling is inconsistent and often misleading throughout the site. I'd love to see some resources spent on cleaning up the inconsistencies and somehow making navigation of the features here easier to accomplish.
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    If you would like to make a list of suggestions we can take a look at it. One person sample size here being me, I believe portfolio comments should reside on Profile page - but thats me. If you recall, Portfolio Comments resided on the profile page of v1. We are open to suggestions though.
  6. Glenn, where exactly it resides isn't as important to me as consistency of naming and how to get there. Do this and see if you get what I'm talking about:

    First, hover over your little avatar at the very top of this page. Then click on PORTFOLIO and see where it takes you. Now click on your avatar next to one of your posts on this page and click on PORTFOLIO and notice how it takes you to a different page. When you click on PORTFOLIO under your avatar at the top of the page it literally takes you to your porfolio. When you click on PORTFOLIO under your avatar next to one of the posts on this page, it takes you to what you're calling the PROFILE page. This naming and labeling inconsistency and the fact that a PORTFOLIO link in one place takes you to a different page than a PORTFOLIO link in another place makes navigation of PN2.0 very tough.

    The only suggestion I'd make is that I can't imagine there aren't simple guidebooks on how to make a site's links and naming conventions consistent and user-friendly. It might require some sort of testing as well to ensure good results.
  7. Yes, Apple spent a lot of time and resources to design the human friendly Mac OS Classic navigation interface. But OS X was as if they hired obsessive compulsive closet organizers who thought a suit's pants should be separated and grouped with jeans and cuffed shirts with IZOD golf shirts.

    I really don't use PN2.0's navigation that much. I don't upload to my gallery or attempt to look up other's gallery. The members I want to find some info on don't even post a bio.

    I suggest you count the number of clicks to do the simplest tasks and if takes more than two or it takes more than several seconds to find something, there's your indicator to find another approach.
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  8. Glenn, don't you find the screengrab you posted above looks quite a bit cluttered?

    I'm looking at it and I get this nervous feeling like I'm being bombarded with data I don't know what to do with, can't tell if I need it or whether it has any purpose or value to its existence.

    And that's without any Bio written about the person that if included is going to take up even more browser real estate.
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  9. I think the portfolio comments should be attached to the porfolio section and not on the profile page.If I remember correctly,in V-1,it was at the bottom of the Galleries and was readily available as you did not have to scroll down 10 galleries at a time to get to it;ok if you have few galleries but a real pain if you have a large portfolio/multi galleries as I have,but that is a different problem.In any case,I think the Profile page should be about the member and be free of outside input/comments.
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