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  1. I'd like to read about medium format cameras that are good for shooting portrait stuff. Most likely in 6x7 (but I guess there isn't any apart from the heavy pentax67).
    I have a 500c/m with 80mm and it should be lighter than that. The Pentacon Six TL (right, also 6x6) isn't from what I read.
  2. The best one is the Pentax 645. All the rest are larger and heavier. And rangefinders usually don't focus close enough.
  3. The lighter one is the Mamiya TLR cameras like the C220 or the C330, they are lighter thiner but taller, other wise you can shoot out door image hand held.
  4. If you want light, look at the Mamiya 7, it's a 6x7 rangefinder and quite small. Otherwise, in the rangefinder department there's the Plaubel Makina, but my favorite in the lightweight (and mystical) area are the Rolleiflex cameras. Another to consider, a bit bulky but relatively lightweight are the Fuji Rangefinders, i used to shoot the 690 with the 90mm and loved it.
  5. Overall, I would say that a vintage Rollei would be best if you don't have to get closer than about 4 feet from the subject, and will use natural light. From the late 50s or after that. The earlier ones are a little less sharp. For a light modern camera I agree that the Mamiya 7 is a good choice.
  6. The Fuji/Voigtlander 6x7 folder is probably the most portable high-quality option you can find. The Pentax 67 is actually pretty portable; it's no bigger than the current crop of high-end digital SLRs.

    Just make sure you check the minimum focus distance if you plan to do tight portraits; the Mamiya 7, for instance, doesn't focus close enough for head shots.
  7. The 80mm lens is a little short for portraiture to my taste, but if you prefer it, then I would also recommend a Rolleiflex.
  8. Not sure where you read that the Pentacon Six TL is heavier than a Pentax 67. In 6x6, it's probably the smallest and lightest SLR ever made, and its unquestionably lighter than any 6x7 SLR. Put a 120/2.8 MC Biometar on it for portraits on the go.
    In 6x4.5cm, a Mamiya 645 with a 110/2.8 lens. This is one of my favourite combinations - bright and great handheld. Or a Pentax 645 with a 150/3.5.
    In 6x7, can't speak from experience, but a Bronica GS1 with a 150/4 lens might be lighter than a Pentax 67 with 150/2.8 or 165/2.8 lens? Certainly lighter than the RB67 and RZ67.
  9. Lighter than my Hasselblad 500c/m, not Pentax 67.
    The Pentacon is really slightly lighter: http://www.pentaconsix.com/TheCameras.htm (weight at the bottom) and the body is more portable.
    The Mamiya 330 is heavier, it's about 2kg. Maybe I should definitely look at 6x4.5 cameras or go with the communist.
  10. Ansco Titan 20. 6x6 that folds up and fits in your pocket. I carried one for years and ended up using it for much more personal work than my Hassy 500 c/m or P67II.

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