Portable Mass Storage and recharging for Canon 1ds MK2

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  1. Shooting with the 1-Ds MK2 and looking for advice on Portable Mass Storage and Recharging
    in the field. Have been trying to get my 60GB Ipod with photo connector to somhow read a
    card but no luck yet so will try the Belkin Card Reader adpter next. Anyone have any other
    storage solutions to reccommend (I already have the 60gb Ipod Photo) Also will be on the
    road in Africa for several weeks and need to find a way to recharge the 1-ds mk2 batteries
    via the cigarette lighter on the 4WD. Any suggestions?

  2. The iPod photo is not designed for use as a field device. Even if you can get it to work, you won't be able to look at your images without first processing them on a computer. You would be better off abandoning this route and looking at something like the Epson P-2000 photo viewer or the similar model by Jobo. They are expensive, but will let you download your CF cards directly, will allow you to look at histogram displays, rename files, etc. Otherwise, the next best option is to carry a laptop.

    Several companies make rechargers for lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Charging the batteries is a bit more problematical as the Canon batteries have the unique (?) triangular plug charge socket, not a simple plug

    There are now very small inverters that plug into a cigarette socket, this may be the best way forward and use your normal mains charger with a power inverter, that way tyou can properly recycle the batteries.
  4. For recharging from the cigarette lighter on your 4WD I think you would need something like this:

  5. For storage the PD70X. Comes in 40, 60, 80 gig versions. Dowloads are fast and it comes with a auto cord for recharging the batteries.
  6. Hi, I`ll second Mikes suggestion, I have been using a 400watt inverter off the cigerette lighter for a while as it anables the standard chargers to be used and no difference in charge time, also handy running flouro globes at night camp. May even run the port.storage.

    Enjoy your trip
  7. In my experience, the 60 GB iPod does work after a fashion. On a recent trip to Scotland, I
    downloaded RAWs + medium JPEGs to it via the canon USB cable and the photo connector.
    these large files were very slow in transferring and about 130 shots could be saved this way
    in about 3-4 hour before a fully charged iPod battery went dead. BTW, I could later browse
    the photos on the iPod, but that may have beeen because of the JPEGs.
    Next time, I'll chooose another backup solutuion!
  8. As far as I am aware the 1DsII battery NP-E3 does not have an AA battery tray equivelent, it is a different shape to NP-E1 & NP-E2 battery units so the "E2" (ie from the 1V body) AA battery tray will not fit the 1D DSLRs all of which use E3 battery pack. If however there is one, I would buy one in a flash!

    Batteries E2 & E3 share the same triangular recharging plug and charger, E1 had a simpler DIN style plug.

    As I said I think you are stuck with mains charger dodge arounds and using the mains charger. Take at least 3 batteries and cycle them, chances are you will use 2 batteries each day if you have IS enabled lenses.

  9. Forget about looking at your images on a PSD like the Epson P-2000. At best they will read the embedded thumbnail. No way can they decode a CR2 file in a sane amount of time. If you want to view / edit, you need a laptop.

    I'd also suggest the PD70X. Though if that's *all* you have for storage, you may well fill it up in a week or two. In fact with raw files, you'll get only 5000 shots (on 80GB unit) so you might run out of storage space before your camera runs out of batteries.

    Batteries. If you can get away with buying a bunch (5 or so) 3rd party 2200mAH NP-E3 batteries, that will give you about 10000 shots. My fallback solution was to take a 3rd party NP-E3, and remove all the cells and wire it up to an external 10xAA battery box in my pocket. So I can recharge AA batteries normally. I could also wire it up to a 12V supply, but that is a bit hairy for such an expensive camera. As said, you can also use an inverter and your NC-E2, but I've never done that, and wouldn't want to count on it. (depends if it is your car)
  10. The PD70X is just about the best storage available. It's super-fast, every reliable and uses AA batteries. You can also install your own HD in it so, if you do fill the 80gb drive (which is the biggest you can use) you can take another one with you and install it when the other is filled up. It takes a few minutes to do it and it's very easy.
  11. Thanks Guys

    Am giving up on the ipod. Finally managed to download some large jpgs and a few CR2's
    to the ipod after transferring the chip to a point and shoot.....as expected the 5 images
    took about 10 mins to upload so I can only imagine how long a 2 gig card will take! (well
    done apple!) Looked into the Epson P-2000 but looks a little gimicky.....anyone got one?
    Will check out the PD70X. As for recharging I think its going to be a converter (again)
    Used one on a road trip to Outback Australia and it worked well for about a week then
    conked out! Anyone used a good (and light) one?
  12. Hi Andy, not sure what vo;tage you need, got mine from here in Oz at Toowoomba Q.


    the one I use is 400watt with isolated coils for more effecient running & cooling fan, one output. not on their website at moment but they have them in stock. Course no guaranttee with anything these days but I`ve had mine 2yrs. paid about 200 aud
  13. Ah, just realized where their stock is,.HTH


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