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  1. I'm "signed up for one year of digital subscription to Popular Photography" with my Photo Net membership, but how do I claim it?
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    It will be sent to you via email automatically.
  3. This question should be posted on the Photo.net Site Help Forum [it's now been moved here - Mod]. However, I think there have been some hitches. I never received mine either after I renewed in August of 2012. I contacted site administration twice about the issue and there was never a response with a resolution. I thought I signed up for the hard copy version, before the digital was offered. In any case, never got the hard copy and tried to access the digital subscription through the subscription service they use, and I wasn't authorized.
  4. I am still waiting for mine.
    It seems that it is harder to produce a digital publication than a hard copy.
  5. Similar to my experience: I have received no email and get no where on the PP site. When I got my Economist sub for paper copy, they gave me the digital version also which comes out every Thursday whereas the paper copy usually arrives Saturday or Monday via USPS. So I'm really reading the digital before I get the paper copy. And they have an app which I downloaded for the sub.
  6. Just searched my gmail acct & there have been no emails from PP that I might have missed.
  7. Same here.
  8. Ditto. The first year they gave the print magazine and I received two months instead of the full year. This year, I have received nothing. No magazine, no response from PP. Oh well...
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    Anyone that has subscribed and opted in to this offer and has not received, please email me at admin@photo.net directly we will make sure you receive. Worth noting that you must opt in for it (offer & instructions are found within your workspace at the top left). Once you have done that a list is complied and send to PP and they in turn provide to zinio. There has been a 6-8 week delay between opt in and emails going out to end consumers. It is also worth noting that if searching email inbox - do search on zinio as the email with instructions on how to get digital copy of PP will come from zinio not PP or photo.net. But again, please email me at admin@photo.net and we can 1.) make sure your email is on the list to PP & zinio and once that done we can follow up with PP & Zinio on your behalf to make sure you receive.
  10. Glenn, thanks for explaining that. I assumed that with subscribing to Photo.net we would automatically be given the subscription to PP.
    A related question, does renewing our subscription to Photo.net come with a new offer for Popular Photography? Or is it only for new subscribers?
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    No problem, the offer is for both new and existing (renewing) subscribers that opt in for it!
  12. This is what it says in the upper box.
    You have already signed up for your one year digital subscription to Popular Photography, included with your subscription to Photo.net.
    What else do I have to do?

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