Polorising Filters for TLRs

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  1. Can I use a poloris filter with a TLR ? would i need a circular one as i can't see how what the rotated effect is ?
  2. Yes. No.


    You can either use one polarising filter with a marked mount and swap it between lenses while keeping the same orientation, or, if the lens spacing permits, use two identical filters and set the taking one to the same angle as the viewing one. Minolta used to make a linked pair for the Autocord, called the Autopol, but it is a rare and pricy item these days.


    Whatever method you use, it isn't perfect.


    Circular polarisers were developed to work with certain types of through the lens metering which are sensitive to polarised light. With the possible exception of a late model Rollei, I don't think any TLRs fall into this category.
  3. To facilitate positioning a polarizer when switching from lens to lens I put additional multicolored marks on the side of the filter with fingernail polish
  4. Hello. I use a Bay1-52mm adapter and my 35mm filters (52mm) on all my TLR's. To use the polarizer with the TLR, I have placed an x on one tang of the Bay1 adapter with a Sharpie pen. Always keep the x up and you can move the filter down to the taking lens without change in setting. Enjoy, Bill

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