Poll: your wedding business profitability

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  1. For this poll,

    1. Specify your location, area and city
    2. Let us know how your profit margin is doing
    a) Significantly worse (down by more than 50%)
    b) Somewhat worse (down by less than 50%)
    c) Same or about the same
    d) Somewhat better (up by less than 50%)
    e) Significantly better (up by more than 50%)

    We're not talking about bookings here, nor total sales, but actual profit.

    Just wondering how everyone's doing in the current economic environment, and in what parts of the country/world.
  2. 1. Southern California, Los Angeles
    2. c) Same or about the same
  3. 1.) U.S. and Italy.
    2.) Private.
  4. 1) New York, NY
    2) D - somewhat better
  5. 1) Detroit Metro/ SE Michigan/Desitination
    2) -b Somewhat worse.
  6. Kent, UK
    Somewhat better
  7. Houston - Texas Area
    my business is growning by 10-20% each year -
  8. 1. Seattle, WA
    e) significantly better, but largely due to raising prices.
  9. Cleveland /NE Ohio
    Somwhat worse ( Too many 300.00 Craig's List shooters in this market)
    Steve Kinosh
    Photography by Stephen
  10. I know what you mean about $300 Craigslist shooters around here. It's tempting for me around L.A. (more like $500) not to become one.
  11. Actually, our "profitability" is better per wedding due to signing higher end clients, but the volume is down enough to not quite make up for increased per wedding profit.
    However, the year isn't over yet, and lots of procrastinators seem to be waiting until the last minute to secure a photographer around here. Just a few more high end clients and it'll be the same profit as in the previous few years but with half the work. If I can make that goal, I'll be a happy camper since commercial work seems to be coming back and fills in nicely.
  12. I am seeing more interest, and am busier than in a long time. but the last couple years have been very rough. rough
  13. (e) significantly better. Both 2011 and 2012.
  14. Fresno, CA
    d) on par for "somewhat better (up by less than 50%)"

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