Poll. Would you buy a Leica Digital M?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by andyaitken, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Why don't we have a quick check?

    Let's say the digital M comes out at the end of the year with the
    mooted features: 10.5Mp, 1.33 crop sensor etc. Built in Germany to the
    usual Leica standards. Let's say the body price is $4,995 for sake of

    Please just say "yes" or "no" as the 1st word of your response if you
    have more to say. That'll make it easier to count.
  2. Yes.

    Been saving my pennies since the first rumours. Will be the most I've ever spent on a camera by a huge margin but I think it will be worth the sacrifice. That'll get you started.
  3. I spilled the saved pennies since I heard it wasn't full frame.
  4. Yes. Already ordered one.
  5. Yes, there are three I know of in Denver, me included, who already have our orders in. I
    just hope I can get it in a titanium finish. ;-)
  6. lb-


  7. No.

    I am committed to black-and-white film photography. I have a Canon DSLR for the infrequent necessity/preference for digital, and some film-based Canon gear which rounds out my photographic equipment needs. In fact, I probably have way more gear than is really necessary.

    Michael J Hoffman
  8. Not only NO, but hell NO!
  9. No. I'm waiting to see the specks:

    1. Will the digital sensor be upgradeable? When the next generation of 18-20 mega pixel digital cameras come out, will I need to buy another expensive digital M body?

    2. How much will I have to pay for Leica's 15mm lens (so I can get my 21mm perspective back against the 1.33x frame)? I refuse to buy a $3,500+ lens that doesn't couple to the RF!

    3. How will the digital sensor specifically handle fast lenses? (Will they vignette?)

    4. A-la-carte options?
  10. No, already spent my pennies on a full-frame 5D. Would love to have a body compatible with my M lenses, but if I have to wait, I'll keep waiting for full-frame sensor and (maybe) a lower price.
  11. Probably not. Too Pricey. May look into D200 or the new Panasonic that's coming out.
  12. No. Why pay more for less...
  13. No. Haven't got that kind of coin to spend on digital.
  14. if it comes out in BP edition with engraved Leica script, similar proportions to a
    traditional M series (bar M5 of course), built to last with upgradeable sensor than YES.

    if it looks like a plastic toy, ergonomically sucks, and breaks if a phat kid steps on it - No
  15. Nope. No room in my bag for a gimmicky manual focus camera that only accepts fixed focal length lenses. I've seen the light, and I'm zooming in, baby!
  16. No . . . but not 'never'.
  17. lb-


    "Why pay more for less..."

    less than what?

    there are no comparable products that I'm aware of.
  18. No. I don't have the patience - - or the scanners, photoshop, printers, etc.,etc., to take advantage of any digital camera.
  19. No. Can't afford it, not full-frame.
  20. Yes. I already have an order in too, figure I'll have plenty of time to win the lottery before Leica actually delivers them to the dealers.
  21. No. (And I suspect your price estimate may not be too far off, by the way.)
  22. Ok, so seriously, no of course I wouldn't put a deposit down on a camera nobody's even seen yet, let alone me not having a chance to try it out. Plus, I'll let you first-guy-on-the-block-to-have-one guys beta test it for Leica, I'll wait for a few of the recalls and firmware fixes. Maybe by then some of the guys who jumped on them right away will have gotten bored and traded them in and I'll get one for a couple thou less.
  23. NO!...Hell no!

    I always thought the allure of the Leica was the built-for-the-ages design
    concept; a fifty year old M3 can still make images the equal of the M7, and as film
    emulsions and lenses improved you just bought the new film and lenses. All this digital
    stuff is obsolete in a couple of years, pixel count is ever increasing, and technology is
    constantly improving. Why would anyone want to buy a finely-crafted Leica, "built in
    Germany to the usual Leica standards"--for five grand, no less--with a bunch of electronic
    crap that will be last year's technology in a few months, and will likely not work as well as
    the current stuff from Nikon/Canon?
  24. No, no & NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. No, No and NO. The Leica appeal is unique to film, to me.

    I just saw an Edison cylinder player and it would seem silly to make a digital capture system - cd- and play it back through an acoustic horn. I doubt the Leica look can transsubstantiate to digital with results any better than Canon or Nikon can produce.

    Even after the last roll of film has been coated in Croatia or China and shot, I can still (fondle my Leica and) admire the mechanial genius of it, just as I marvel at the instruments made in Newton's time.

  26. No. I'd rather spend my money with Fuji and Ilford, and on travelling to interesting places where I can do some photography ...
  27. SCL


    NO <p>
    But that doesn't mean never. With the right set of features I'd be happy to buy. So far, all of the wide-eyed speculation I've seen doesn't come close to what I want. Maybe I'll give Huw a call.
  28. No.

    I can't even afford film M at this point. I'm going to wait for the Konica Digital Hexar AF. I'm not holding my breath.
  29. lb-


    so now I'm confused.

    you leica heads will fight to the death to defend the idea that a Leica M lens is superior in
    every way to every other lens ever made and defend the high prices of leica M bodies
    relative to other film bodies and yet when faced with the prospect of actually getting to
    use those wonderful lenses on a digital body the response is that you can get better
    results with a canon dslr?
  30. No

    I would think that owners of the autofocus/autoexposure Contax G2 would be more tempted by a digital version of their camera than then manual focus/manual exposure Leica owners. If Leica people wanted an electronic, automated, battery dependent digital camera there are several options but I didn't even see a huge surge of people buying the M7 with Aperture Priority.
  31. jtk


    No. I've got film cameras and I've got film and I've got scanners. Happy as a clam. I like what we're reading about the new Panasonic 4/3, and I'm assuming it'll be available with that luscious Leica zoom for under $2500.
  32. (I guess we all know how Huw F will vote...)
  33. Aw, hell no.

    It would have to be full-frame, 12+ MP, and under $4k. I don't Leica's inclined to make such a beast at that price. At $4995, you have to also figure you'd have to buy at least one additional lens to keep your current working focal length set. So, it's really like $6000+. I'm happy with my 5D. I doubt Leica's noise levels will match Canon's, so the theoretical advantages of being able to hand-hold a rangefinder at slower speeds is 'mooted.'

    I waited on the dSLR for a full-frame sensor, so i guess the same standard would apply for a rangefinder.
  34. Probably not.

    I'd be tempted, for the tragi-comic reason that Leica needs my money.

    The problem is, I don't like digital cameras. I already have a DSLR that I use maybe once or twice a month, and a digital M would probably not be much more useful to me.
  35. No.

    Add in the cost of a "real" wideangle lens and it's price is way out of sight.

    In any case, I have no desire to go digital.
  36. No! I'm holding out for the rumored digital Lomo LCA-D.
  37. Nope.

    Not now, but at sometime in the future those 'M' ASPH lenses are going to be the way to go for a compact high performance DRFD.
  38. Heck no, I've already got a 20D with a couple of L lenses. After years of longing just got my 35 year old M4 a few weeks ago. I'm as happy as a 10 year old kid with his first new bike.
  39. Yes.

    And I'm wondering how Marc pre-ordered. Would like to do the same.
  40. "there are no comparable products that I'm aware of."

    Become aware of the R-D1. I suppose it isn't comparable, because the Digital M is still
    vapor, and you can actually run out and buy an R-D1 TODAY!
  41. No No No
  42. Not if I want to stay married.

    And truthfully not at that price.
  43. No.

    If there were no film being made anymore and I could see that "old" Leica lenses, designed for film, still have an edge on other lenses in the digital environment, then yes, of course.
  44. Nope, plan to get the Panasonic L-1 instead. That looks to be better for my studio work.
  45. no crop factor please! I will wait for the D-ZI.
  46. No. Digital moves on in leaps and bounds, why would i want expensive out of date technology, sort of like the DMR.Happy with my M6 and film, to me that is what Leica M is about. Considering an MP in the near future. Hey, might even consider a Panasonic Leica.
  47. No i'm afraid not.
  48. I would by a (Leica) four thirds rangefinder in a snap. Not sure about a Digital M. The M I hope for is a Sony Hexar dRF ;-)
  49. M6 and 35mm summy still rules the roost if you are about tonal width etc. Silver or scanned.
  50. No! For starters, I think the body will be priced closer to $6000 (or even $6500) than $5000. A new film M body is now $3495! But either way, no way I'm spending that kind of $$$ for a camera.
  51. "I would by a (Leica) four thirds rangefinder in a snap."

    A vaguely rangefinder shaped 4/4rds SLR comes out and all of a sudden people think that
    there will actually BE a 4/3rds rangefinder?

    You can all disabuse yourselves of that delusion right now, and save a lot of hand wringing.
  52. no

    not even if i had the money. mainly because it isnt FF and i love film!
  53. YES - am already in line - really looking forward to Photokina (will probably visit) the 1,33
    cropfactor dosen't bother me.

    Just hope the wiewfinder have 35 & 50mm frames!
  54. I could buy a nice used Linhof Technika for that price...

    I'd buy a Leica CL or CLE digital for 1500$ without hesitating though..
  55. *If it came with a removeable low pass filter.
  56. lb-


    "I could buy a nice used Linhof Technika for that price..."

    I could buy a pickup truck, so what?

    If my desire is to mount leica M lenses on a digital capture device the linhof is about as
    useful as the truck.
  57. YES, I'm number 7 on the waiting list for catalogue no. 10701
  58. B&W film. This simple, perfect transducer, silver halide particles exposed to varying degrees of light through a uniquely engineered piece of glass, some remaining others washed away during an imperfect chemical process, leaving behind a representation of a reality that�s discovered upon the uniquely individual printing process, what GW referred to as �what things look like when photographed� does it for me. As an amateur, I�ve already got what I need and want from leica. A digital M is about as attractive to me as a digital Nikon or Canon or whatever.
  59. Sure - if I could afford it.
  60. No. No need for a digital M, I'm still taking slides and I'll do this til my end.
  61. Well, hopefully around 2020 I'll get one. Just baby them because I like my used products in mint condition.
  62. No - not this time, but once the dynamic range exceeds NPH, and it's full-frame, temptation
    may become overwhelming ( low noise at high ISO and greater than 10M pixels taken as
    assured ).

    But in the intervening 2 to 4 years, if a MkI exists, buying a second film body and lenses, will
    seem more like a long term plan than a dead end.
  63. No. I would not. Love the M7, love film, love my teeny color darkroom. Photoshop is useful,
    but there's no love there.
  64. absolutely not ... too pricey, too late, too little value. then again, I am not much for alligator/zebra/antelope/ skinned Leica offerings either. the ONLY reason to own a Leica, is the Noctilux. and it must be full-frame to embrace its essence.

    five-grand ... ponder this for a milli-second?
  65. My 50's and 60's vintage Leicas are paid for and will outlast me. Will the Leica Digi have analog controls in the proper places or will we be forced to scroll through "programs" to change ISO or shutter speeds?
  66. Yes. I don't have any digital equipment of any type at present, so if I am going to buy a digital camera, this one would be it. I already have Leica lenses to put on it. If I had previously bought into another digital system, the answer would probably be no.
  67. No<br>
    I'd rather get a digilux 3. Unfortunately, the digital M will have sucked up the resources
    needed to produce the next Digilux. I'd imagine an upgradable camera of at least 10Mp with
    a Leica quality zoom to match, full manual control with an evf that helps me focus better than
    an rf patch would allow. I no longer fear that film will die completely, so I'll save my M lenses
    for a film camera. It may cost $5000 but if the zoom is that good it could be the last camera
    you need to buy.
  68. No. But. . .
  69. No. That's ten times as much as I've ever paid for a camera. And what would happen if/when rain got inside it?
  70. Paul,

    not necessarily affordable, but check out the Hasselblad website for more info on the lastest digital-back. unfortunately, it has Victor's signature engraved and is limited in quantity, but I suspect it is the shape of things to come.
  71. Yes. Order placed. I'm either #3 or #4 in Denver, depending on whether I made Henry's radar scope.

    10 megapootlies is da bomb (I'm using a Sony R1 as training wheels). Whole M system is on R&R until I can put a sensor behind it.
  72. No, not in my current financial shape. Yes, if comeone would buy it for me!
  73. If it did in camera digital stiching so that we could overlap our wide angle lenses that have been cropped and get back the wide angle coverage. Otherwise a zoom digicam like the 9mp Fujifilm E900 and genuine fractals and noise ninja should do well since at least it can give you a 32mm lens and iso 800 for $350. Maybe in 5 years we will get a full frame camera since prices of sensors are shrinking 20% a year per size/ MP.
  74. 1:1.3x = No;
    1:1x = Yes
  75. No.

    I'm a reformed consumer and a Luddite. I like film, it's too much money - with which I
    could buy a 50 ASPH and a trip to Europe, and if I need a digital image I have one scanned
    for a buck.
  76. No. I really like film.
  77. No...Like film.
  78. yes.. as soona s I ahve mastered my R9 DMR.
  79. No...

    I'll likely sit out round one. However, I'm very eager to put my M lenses on a vaguely Leica-sized and shaped digital camera at some point if I can have equivalent quality to, e.g., a Canon 20D (I'm not finding myself needing much more than that truthfully).

    Whatever it is (and I'm not even sure Leica are the ones who should be making the M-mount digital) would have to have that "feel" though -- the ergonomics and haptics need to be tuned just so to reproduce the experience of using an M camera and lens combination. Obviously, this is the hard part.

    I have to say, based on the specs. confirmed so far, that I'm much more excited about Huw's project than I am confident that Leica will "nail" what the M Digital should really be on their first try.

    Someone will eventually get it right though -- if it isn't Leica, in a sense so much the better since it will likely be a good deal cheaper (which matters to many if not most of us). Whoever does get it right will then be the digital enabler of one of the largest variety of lenses in the history of photography (if not the largest). Somebody has to want that bad enough to make it happen if Leica stuffs it.
  80. No, unless the sensor is full frame.
  81. If it comes in zebra skin with a graphite pearlescent finish and gold knobs....maybe.

    The people who are holding out for a full frame sensor ,,, can't do it, not in that body. Great excuse tho..
  82. A definite maybe. Depends on other specs & features, feel, what the competition offers, etc. Currently too many unknowns for the price.
  83. lmz


    No. Unless it's full frame.
  84. No, even if it comes bundled with a neck strap, a battery charger, a 16Mb SD card, and a coupon for 20% off a Luigi case.
  85. r s

    r s

    Yes if it was priced at around 2,500
  86. Yes
    To the question Would you, not Will you. In fact, I would already have bought the R-D1 were it not for the gimmicky dials and shutter cocking lever in a battery-bound body.
    I'll make up my mind when it is a real product and the reviews are out, including high-ISO performance. The R-D1 is simply amazing at ISO 800 and may be a hard act to follow. A Zeiss Ikon Digital ZM would be another nice option to have to choose from.
  87. No.

    1. That's a lot of money for this 63 yr old retiree.

    2. After 50 years of shooting film I'm satisfied that I know what to expect (kinda).

    3. I can't write it off.

    4. I have a Digilux 2, and it works for my purposes. Shooting Grandkids and e-mailing the results among family and friends. (Lord knows there are better digitals but it's hard enough for me to comprehend all that this one will do.)

    5. Progress is too rapid in the digital world. Fast forward a couple of years. Will a $750 Brand X with M mount blow it out of the water?

    6. Lastly the ever popular "no way I could get it past my Wife".

    I realize that Leica feels they have to seriously get in the game. There have been a lot of positive responses so far and I'm sure it will carry on with the Leitz/Leica tradition and be as well made as their technology and manufacturing capabilities can produce.

    Now, if Roger Horn wants to ship me one for a free 10 year road test...

    Just kidding Roger (if you monitor this site). You'd be wasting it on me.

  88. "Will a $750 Brand X with M mount blow it out of the water?"

    Maybe, but it won't be a Leica. :)
  89. No way.
  90. Only if I can knock off that Brinks truck. . . .

  91. No.

    I have been on the upgrade path with Canon since the D60, and sold some of the kit to get a 5D and I shoot primarily with 3 primes. It's incredible.

    However, I do love rangefinders, at one point having a Mamiya 6 and owning a Leica CL. I don't shoot film much anymore, because in December 2004 I bought a R-D1 and it is my favorite take anywhere camera. I shoot it with Voiglander lenses as I will not be spending $2,400 on a lens at this point... I shoot w/the 15 Heliar, 28 Ultron, 35 Pan II and 50 Nokton (which is an incredible little lens).

    I'm very satisified. I was thinking at one point of trading it in for a M6TTL and a few other things, but it is so flexible and intuitive to me that I just can't think of selling it. For 8.5 x 11 prints (the majority of my work) it kills.

    I doubt very much the Leica Digital M will be affordable to the masses, as the M cameras are already very expensive for film cameras. If it came close to $2,500 I would seriously consider it, but only if it made improvements to the features in the R-D1 -- better rangefinder, wider crop factor, a little less noise and ISO 3200 and ISO 100 would be nice.

  92. No, but not never. I don't like the 1.33 crop factor. And all the buzz sounds like they are rushing it into production. I wouldn't be surprised if the first batches had teething problems.
  93. "The people who are holding out for a full frame sensor ,,, can't do it, not in that body. Great excuse tho.."

    Quick someone tell Huw he has made a mistake!
  94. Yes, very likely. But I want to see how it performs first.
  95. Would you buy a Leica Digital M?

    Probably not, at least not the first time around or at least until Leica gets it right.
  96. Maybe.

    With only 20% of that camera's price invested in lenses yet I feel rather free to wait and see how it 'll perform.
  97. No. Just bought a Pradovit CA2500 and that's breathing renewed lives to all my old slides.
  98. No.

    Prefer my M3, with recently purchased 40mm (lovely lens), for film and Canon for digital.
  99. yes, as long as it retains the simplicity of operation we are used to, with analogue type controls and without more than essential LCDs and LEDs., an excess of which turned me away from bayonet Pentaxes and the rest of the lumpy now defunct better film slr's of the 80's & 90's.

    I believe they have made an effort to provide the biggest sensor currently available which can provide good corner quality, & 10.5mp seems big enough. Leica was always also a body to be fitted to a multitude of other functions; I would like to see a few useful new accessories like a pellicle mirror visoflex with a new macro, for close-ups etc. (fat chance)

    I will have to buy into digital sometime. Price is an issue for me, I can't believe it is for most of you guys, who seem to be always buying & selling new equipment on whim, while crying poor; 'have to buy a C/V, can't afford Leica'. Can't see you buying all your film at Wal Mart.
  100. YES, but ONLY if it's FF, has 1/4000 sec top shutter speed, Flash Sync of 1/250th, 3FPS with a 12 shot buffer, ISO between 25 and 3200, else I will safe my money for a 5D or it's replacement. Of course if Huw gets his unit working, I am going to start machining my M4-P or adapting my Hexar RF.

  101. Yes, if they come out with a 24mm f1.4 Summilux for it.
  102. if it takes AA batts, yes.
  103. I've thought it over. Definitely "YES" - if it comes in dark tan Komodo Dragon leather with electroless nickle finished metal and has knobs made from billet titanium (none of that half-baked plated stuff).
  104. No thanks.
  105. The real question is whether people will buy the re-badged Panasonic Leica... or just
    the Panasonic.
  106. ... but only if
    (a) It is inexpensive.
    (b) My M lenses will all fit.
    (c) It comes out within the next 20 years.
  107. No. If the sensor were full-frame, then possibly yes.
  108. Yes (when Hell freezes over).
  109. No.<p>
    Full frame, $2,499 - may-be.
  110. Yes, if I have the money & the sensor performs acceptably @ ISO 1600. It would be great for doing more paid journalistic-type work, which would help defray the cost. But I wouldn't give up film & film cameras for personal stuff.
  111. When are the polls going to close and the results tabulated?
  112. I hear the die-hards are already demanding a recount.
  113. Nonononononono

    it wouldn't let me just say no, seems it don't like repeat answers......jeez, even if you want to give a quick answer....photo net wants you to ramble on ;o)
  114. If it was full frame 12mp plus and cmos or foveon.
  115. lb-


    I'm only getting one if it's 22megapixels, full frame, under $1000 and has a pleasant smell
    to it.

    I'd like it to smell like fresh cut grass and wild flowers.

    I just hope they dont' bury the "glow" setting in a damn menu.
  116. Only a knucklehead could believe that this poll, with all of the people who come to this site just to bash Leica, has any meaning.
  117. lb-


    I'm an equal opportunity basher.

    actually I'm a counter-basher.

    I bash bashers.

    by the sea shore.........
  118. No.

    Yes, if Full-Frame sensor.
  119. Yes (in 2009), my Leica M lenses need to be used when film dries up!
  120. I'll wait for the King Charles III, Rex Imperator and Queen Camilla edition.
    Or I'll buy Paul Neuthaler's mint used, one week old LNIB, with motor winder (and free Leicavit thrown in), 50 cents on the dollar.
  121. No.<p>
    I've hocked my wife and kids for my current Leica kit!<p>
  122. Eliot Rosen , mar 01, 2006; 07:59 p.m. Only a knucklehead could believe that this poll, with all of the people who come to this site just to bash Leica, has any meaning.
    Eliot this poll reminds me of those polls where they ask people whether there's life on Mars. Then the poll comes out that 55% of people believe there's life on Mars. WHO cares. It doesn't make any difference. It doesn't mean it's any more likely there IS life on Mars, does it? When you factor in the grandstanders, trolls, bashers, knuckleheads, miscreants---not to mention the people (like me) who waffled their answers--what kind of result do you end up with. OTH, it is kind of fun to see what we all think. :->)

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