Political deletion on Leica forum?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by wingell, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Recently, I posted a shot of Jane Fonda speaking at a Valley Forge
    anti-war rally back in 1970. It was a duly-noted Leica image. I was
    led to post the photo by recent news coverage of another shot made
    at the same time by my former studio partner. That photo showed a
    young Vietnam war veteran, John Kerry, seated not far behind Jane
    Fonda during the rally. My posting sparked a lively but still civil
    discussion on the thread (certainly as compared to current mindless
    rants now running on that once-thoughtful site). My thread was
    deleted. May I ask, once more, why?
  2. IMX, one quite possible answer is when oderators are short of sleep and annoyed of temper, it seems reasonable to nuke 'em all and let Cthulu sort 'em out.

    In actuality and as tactics, it is reasonable. The only way to get the barbarians settled down once they start torching the village is to demonstrate that the moderators can be more ruthless and draconian than they are.
  3. Bill, did you take the picture? In the past, you could post other people's work to make a point or to illustrate something as long as properly credited, but this policy over in happy Leica land was recently changed due to one user's misuse of the older, more lenient policy. Now they have a zero tolerance policy in effect.
  4. Bill,
    I was one of the ones debating on that thread, I would also like to know what happened to it. It was one of the better threads of that day, if not the week. I can't believe what is going on with that forum now.
  5. Heather and Keith, thanks for the input. The photo I posted (you can see it in my p.n portfolio's black and white folder) was one I took of Fonda speaking at that Valley Forge rally. My then-studio partner, Leif Skoogfors, got the shot of Kerry and Fonda at the same rally sitting not far apart. Skoogfors later filed the image with his agency, Corbis, and a conservative internet site discovered it and began a campaign to impugn Kerry's Vietnam service record and behavior as a veteran. The photo was picked up by the major media and thus the controversy grew. A second photo, of Fonda and Kerry at a podium together, also surfaced and was discredited as a pasteup job.Some people are confusing the two images. Leif has written an account of this escapade for next month's Digital Journalist. My Leica-made photo of him at a 1970 Washington demonstration--an image that has appeared on the Leica forum--at last word will accompany the article. I agree, Keith, that the thread that accompanied my Fonda posting was an interesting and thoughtful discussion of events and personalities surrounding the Kerry photo controversy. I think its deletion was a disservice to forum members. I agree with Brian's statement on the Leica forum today that this is the proper venue to air these issues. I'm still awaiting a response.
  6. Corbis is apparently taking legal action over theft of their old Kerry images. I wonder whether that may have something to do with it.
  7. Leif Skoogfors, the shooter of the legitimate Kerry-Fonda Valley Forge photo, is helping Corbis track down the image pirates. I don't see what that has to do with my posting of my Fonda picture on the Leica forum. But, then, the moderators have not chosen to explain their action in deleting my image and the thread that followed, so who can say?
  8. Bill... I don't think Btrian knows why the thread was deleted & this forum is his stomping grounds. Maybe you can shoot off an email to Josh or Tony to let them know this thread is here... they probably don't even know of its existance. Also, you may get an answer via email that would better explain than you would here on this public forum :)
  9. Thanks, Heather--it's done.
  10. Bill, my apologies, remember writing some stuff in that thread that went badly off the subject, and should not have done it...in the end some right wing flaming posting started, it went completely tangent and I even wrote in one posting that the thread needed a mercy killing because the original intent of the posting was gone. Sorry, John Falkenstine

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