Polaroid SX-70 Occasionally Not Working

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  1. Hi

    I'm hoping someone can help with an odd SX-70 problem. My camera was working fine. I took it on holiday,
    put in three different films all over a year old and the black slide was not ejected and the camera appeared to
    be dead.

    To double check once home I cleaned the contacts, purchased a new film and at first there was no sign of
    life but after opening and closing the camera a few times the black slide ejected and I could take photos
    again. Now after 5 photos it's dead again even after repeated opening and closing.

    Any idea what the cause could be ? I do love this camera and would hate to think its shooting days are done.
  2. As a follow up the camera came back to life after repeated opening and closing as well as gently rocking the metal rectangle which includes the lens and red shutter button. It's now stayed functioning through two films. Really happy the old beauty is still shooting but would love to understand the problem.
  3. Hey there

    Glad you go this working. I had the same issue with an old sx-70 that hadn't been used for a long time. I thought I'd have to get it fixed but a helpful ex-polaroid repair specialist I know told me they can seize up due to time and to open and close the entire thing 50 times, even more. I did this and although it started working it was a little touvh and go if it would work, after about 100 more open and shuts its back to its good old self so hopefully yours just got past that hurdle also.

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