Polaroid SX-70 Occasionally Not Working

Discussion in 'Extreme, Retro, Instant and More' started by jimnorwood, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Hi

    I'm hoping someone can help with an odd SX-70 problem. My camera was working fine. I took it on holiday,
    put in three different films all over a year old and the black slide was not ejected and the camera appeared to
    be dead.

    To double check once home I cleaned the contacts, purchased a new film and at first there was no sign of
    life but after opening and closing the camera a few times the black slide ejected and I could take photos
    again. Now after 5 photos it's dead again even after repeated opening and closing.

    Any idea what the cause could be ? I do love this camera and would hate to think its shooting days are done.

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