Polaroid SX-70 image problem at bottom of photo

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  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a Polaroid SX-70. The camera is in great condition and works fine except that almost systematically (12 out of 16 photos) I see small white streaks at the bottom of photo (see image). The streaks are not always exactly at the same place. This happened with Impossible SX-70 film and Impossible 600 with ND filter. I have cleaned the rollers with no result. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!
  2. classic dirty rollers. Remove film pack and clean rollers then roload film pack.
  3. OK thanks. Will clean them again!
  4. Could indeed be the rollers. The great Ansel Adams recommended spit for cleaning them, IIRC. It could also be the Impossible film, which sometimes shows this exact problem. It's honestly getting better, though.
  5. I see this thread is quite old, but wanted to let you know it might not be your rollers if you have already cleaned them. It could be “opacification” which is essentially overexposed areas of the photo, if your rollers are clean check out a frog tongue attachment for the SX-70. I have one on mine and it helps :)

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