Polaroid Snap or Fujifilm Mini 8?

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  1. (I dont know if im in the right category, if im not sorry)
    I want to purchase a polaroid snap or a fujifilm mini 8 for taking instant photos, however I do not know how much about either one and do not know which one would better better in the long run (film cost wise, ect)
    Honestly, I like the snaps design and the film seems cheaper, however with the fujifilm the camera is cheaper but the film seems more expensive...
    Either way, please help!
  2. As far as I can tell, the Snap is a digital camera and digital printer in a camera shape.
    It then needs some type of paper and ink cartridge.
    The mini 8 uses instant film.
    That might make some difference in why you want such a camera.
    I don't know about the long term availability of either.
  3. Try the Fuji wide -- fun and takes decent photos.

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