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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by adrian_seward, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. I was hoping to make some polaroid transfers, and I had to give up after five wasted
    sheets. The problem is that after i pull out the paper envelope to make the exposure, I
    can't get it to re-seat in the metal clip. I have a rather old 545 holder. This happened to
    me with sheet after sheet of 59 film, but when I tried some other types I had around, there
    was no problem. With the 59, the only way I can get the sheet out of the holder without it
    coming apart is to slide the envelope back in as far as I can, remove the back from the
    camera, and try to pull the clip up out of the bottom of the holder. If I don't do this, the
    clip and negative stay in the holder while the envelope, pod, and positive come out. As I
    said, I have some other polaroid and nave no problems. Is this just a bad box of film?
    Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Just as you've discovered, removing a Polaroid envelope is not like removing a Quickload or Readyload sheet.

    First of all, when you reinsert the envelope, wiggle it a bit to make sure it all goes back under the clip.

    Then take off the whole holder, put one hand on one end, the other hand on the other end. With one hand, press and hold down the release button while the other thumb presses down and slides the clip end out. Once you get the clip free, you can grab the other end and pull it out as normal.

    This is the best way to do it to avoid it coming apart. I started using an old 545 holder, too, but I also remove the envelope this way with my newer 545i holder. I don't have a problem with type 59 or 55.
  3. The problem could easily be with the particular box of film. I have a stack of coupons here
    for free film from Polaroid that thye give you when you get faulty film and my experience
    is that something like one out of every twenty or thirty boxes will have problems.
    Happens with all flavors. Assuming you are using in date or just barely out-of-date film
    call Polaroid. They will ask you to send them a couple sheets of thefilm with a short note
    and will send a coupon back to you good for a new box of film.
  4. Hmm. I just got a response from Polaroid. They said they thought it was my holder, but
    that they would replace the film anyway. I dutifully began to try to troubleshoot my
    holder, but now I can't reproduce the problem. So maybe it was just a few sheets of film?
    I don't know.... I'm pretty sure it was not me.
  5. It could very well be your holder... you mentioned it was old... what I have done in the past, take the clips off (on the side of the holder) and remove the back plate. This can easily be done with a small screw driver or pliers. Turn th holder over and clean the metal clip down the bottom with a Q-tip and alcohol, making sure you put the release back and place the springs back in place. I can email you photos for a step by step if you want.
    Cleaning the clip will give it a little more grip and while your at it... clean the rollers with paper towels and alcohol.

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